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  1. Of course, I respect your opinion as you are a dev and I'm just a bloody user. Nevertheless I'm using this ROM over there ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=59137133 ) for some days now. It's smooth, stable and has quite good battery life. That's just a fact.
  2. The one without. But I didn't give the other version a try yet. Well, enough off topic talk. [emoji6]
  3. To be honest, for me the latest BlissPop v3.2 is the way better ROM than the actual LS ROM. Just Mourta's kernel is great as usual. [emoji106]
  4. Did you set CPUquiet to balanced?
  5. Can you please tell us about your first impresisons about your Omni build so far? You know, bugs, battery life, smoothness, stability - just the usual things someone might want to know.
  6. As you already might have noticed, NothingSerious knows what he's talking about. If he tells you to set the "CPUQuiet to Balanced via TricksterMod", than just do it. Don't set CPU frequency or governors with CPU Tuner, but just set "CPUQuiet to Balanced via TricksterMod". Don't complain if you won't get any further help from more experienced users anymore, if you don't do what they advice you to do, mate!
  7. Thanks for your answer. I just thought, Omni would be the logical consequence after your statement concerning the Cyanogen and Microsoft cooperation.
  8. May I ask just out of interest, why you've chosen just these two ROMs?
  9. Would be nice if you could drop a line in your latest LS thread as well as soon as you have created your new BeanStalk thread.
  10. You should change your recovery to TWRP CWM is just outdated. You should have mentioned this before, mate! ;)
  11. 1. If you flash this very ROM after having wiped system, data and cache before, you don't have to flash a kernel anymore, as the kernel is part of the ROM. 2. If you want to flash PA GApps for 5.0.x, you may not flash another GApps package before. So if you want to flash PA GApps, you have to do wipe system and reflash the ROM again before flashing the PA GApps.
  12. I'm using Viper instead of Audio FX without any problems.

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