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  1. Very nice work mourta, you know your stuff.
  2. Okay I tried a lil part of this and it worked. Kudos to you! Thanks! I just needed to disable battery indicator under display settings.
  3. Sorry man, I just wiped everything and all, but I keep having the navigation buttons on, is ity fault somehow? y_y i already tried enabling and disabling them..
  4. I noticed some problems with it as well, I can confirm I had some troubles with calls with earphones
  5. It gets hot lesser than before actually, even if it has a higher gpu frequency... And very good thing, it seems it reconnects automatically when it looses network.
  6. It seems it's not working, but I'm not really sure, I just tried with another LG smartphone and they paired, but sending the pic failed. But as I said, I'm not really sure if it has something to do with the smartphone or else, so you should try it if possibile..!
  7. Mourta is The Man. I'm using his newer version and it works even better now. Just wow.
  8. Everything's okay, just that wifi sometimes doesn't switch on and I need to reboot...
  9. I installed it having a system, cache and dalvik wipe and everything's so good and smooth I can't believe it's the same device mins ago. Surely there will be bugs here and there because it's something new, but man you just created a new path for our smartphone. I must be grateful for the hard work you're putting in and thankful for your bravery.
  10. Very nice rom, but I keeo having ui crashes and some random freezes.. :c sorry for not having a log, I just wiped everything and I needed to reinstall catlog, when I'll have the time I'll try to upload one. (Using Mourta's suggested settings)
  11. Yup they occured to me also those sleep of death, but that aside the rom is nearly perfect, great work.
  12. The Rom itself is very fast and smooth, just when I switched to ART I had some serious troubles, for now let's try to help Mourta find a solution for this, maybe it's because of ArchiDroid's changes, but that's just a random guess. What's sure is that with Dalvik everything works very fine, and switching to ART triggers some weird issues we're still fighting with.
  13. Is it possible to use kernel tweaker to modify those values?
  14. Ah you're right I should've posted it in the rom thread, btw just once, I usually don't do that as I didn't install many apps, just the most useful ones and I didn't restore anything with Titanium. But in general with Dalvik freezes don't happen anymore, just rarely and multitasking is acceptable. For multitasking I mean keeping viber open, playing some games (clash of clans for ex.) and being able to open an other app with no problems. With ART when I'm doing these things I can't receive calls properly as the phone lags or freezes..
  15. I don't know why but I just had a freeze while multitasking, which is a must for a quadcore smartphone and with 1 GB of RAM (Viber, browser, tapatalk, play store).. It's quite not acceptable as it lasted 5 mins and I just waited for it to work again. I'll just go back to Dalvik for now, I'll send a catlog as soon as possible. Edit: i'm using Dalvik right now, it seems I've got no issues now, I'm starting to think that ART has problems with new installations of apps as it works very good with no new installations... 2014-08-19-22-35-50.txt

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