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  1. The update contains files that relate to the SIM and the Audio? Because i want to apply the update on porting to G330 and i can only do so if there is no SIM file and Audio.
  2. Kra1o5 i would like if made a port or a package to flash this ROM to make it compatible with the G330, the only valid ROM is AOSP MOD 4.1.1 but I would (and we would like all of us owners of G330) have at least one 4.2.2 being more beautiful to see. I hope you can make a porting, thank you very much ^^
  3. Hello everyone, as the title i need help with the error "android.process media has stopped," from what I have found is an error related to the Download Manager or media storage, can you tell me how to do? I did all the cleaning cache / data and wipe Dalvik cache, Factory Reset and Flash ROM possible and imaginable, thanks to all. P.S The problem occurs when the exhaust something for example the Play Store and my OS is 4.1.1.
  4. I put the appropriate data and is always Y300, the ROM works fine 100% just this little problem of recognition are. I will contact those who have converted the ROM and see if I solve :)
  5. I solved my problem by formatting the entire terminal, however i have a question, a guy has converted the ROM for the Huawei G330, only on AnTuTu still appears as Y300, what needs to change in the build.prop to recognize the terminal as such ? On information and the other parties appear Ascend G330, it does so only AnTuTu.
  6. I've tried everything, uninstalled Google Play serices and put the old version, formatted the internal memory, deleted data and cache, nothing goes the same... help please :'(
  7. I did the factory reset and reset the External SD, the inner one not ... then this is it ? What can I do to avoid perte everything and remove only those files that do this problem? EDIT: My friend who has a G2 stock ROM has everything enabled and has the same problem ... what's going on ? O.o I deleted all the files in the internal memory and left only the things i know for sure that they serve, but it goes again ...
  8. Using Smart Launcher Pro which also has the function of activating Ok Google, until yesterday i was using the FusionX always 4.1.1 and everything worked fine, i had the same things that I have now. I have everything updated and selected, but it does not work the same :/ (sorry for my bad English)
  9. Hi all, Ok Google and outpout voice will not work, can you tell me what can it be?
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