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  1. Hi! I bricked my ZTE Blade V and i ask for help.Phone start appear android robot and after screen is black.I can enter in FTM mode and i have stock recovery. Could you please help me?
  2. Am rezolvat problema.PS:Status bar-ul cateodata se face alb si este enervant ca nu mai pot vedea ceasul si bateria.Incearca sa rezolvi ceva in gen cand el este alb ceasus si bateria sa fie negre.
  3. Am si eu o problema.Cardul meu de 16gb cand intru in gestionare app sa mut aplicatiile pe card imi arata ca nu am decat 1.5gb dar in stocare imi arata corect.Poti rezolva problema asta?Apropo imi plAce rom-ul tau.
  4. Any Cyanogenmod is possible for zte blade v?
  5. Hello.I have a ZTE Blade V and in spec. phone are 4gb internal memory and in setting i have 1gb.Can help me? My phone is rooted. PS:Puteti scrie si in romana. Soory for bad english.
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