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  1. Why is ROM doesnt boot? I stuck in android logon booting but nothing? I did wipe and format everything but still no go?
  2. bihslk

    ZTE Blade III stock ROMs

    I need stock rom Sweden Comviq for mine old Blade III but download links are down. Cant find anywhere.
  3. Hi! I tryed recovery builder CWM to make own CWM recovery for my phone but homepage doesn´t work well or im dumb. Im just geting error 404. Now i wonder if there is any easy guide to port recovery to my phone and make it with Windows 8? I dont have Linux. I already have boot.img and recovery.img and need to make CWM.. Anyone can help? Thanks!
  4. bihslk

    ZTE Grand S Flex FIRMWARE

    Hi again. I have done it anyway i flashed SPAIN firmware and it worked without need to setup APN. So i have now safe FIRMWARE just in case something happens then i can flash if needed. Its was not even branded. Thanks anyway for your help.
  5. bihslk

    ZTE Grand S Flex FIRMWARE

    No i will not flash it just because i dont have working CWM to make backup for it. But i rooted it and removed all bloatware and now even if i reset the phone all those apk´s will be gone because i deleted them and not inactivate. Thats why i want stock rom if i need to sell the phone.
  6. bihslk

    ZTE Grand S Flex FIRMWARE

    ¨Just one Question KonstaT I live in Sweden and my ZTE Grand S Flex is sold in GERMANY. Will the Spanish firmware work in Sweden? Im just afraid to flash the firmware because there is no custom recovery for this phone to make nandroid of the current rom.
  7. bihslk

    ZTE Grand S Flex FIRMWARE

    Ok man then thanks for help. Will download and have like backup incase. Its a good phone BTW... Love the HD screen
  8. Hi! I wonder if i can find stock firmware for the ZTE Grand S Flex somewhere. I searched on GOOGLE without any results. Maybe its because its not launched in EUROPE yet but anyway is there any firmware out there that i can download in case of soft bricking it or something. Thanks

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