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  1. have been trying Beanstalk cm version for 2 days and it works great, qr scanning works and no green screen on cam. and its very fast also. but other then that using photo from gallery doesnt work on lockscreen and there is no themer except the old one. but i'd rather have qr and skype working. but still this rom is also very good
  2. ok thanks, havent tried using two roms, maybe i will test it, but im playing Bards Tale now so maybe i finish it first, takes so much disk space. and have been trying lightning launcher and kk launcher. both great. but as with every launcher there seems to be some good things in one that needs in the other and so on, KK is great but needs a better app drawer. been back to Nova now and i have to say it seem a little smoother but could use the latest install and latest used feature in app drawer from lightning launcher. but the ROM works very well right now, and no problem any more with charger plugging.
  3. thank you, but still i love how smooth and fast this rom is. maybe i will try or just be happy with this one.
  4. okok thank you. you know what roms that are? mokee and some others?
  5. the new kernel is great, everything works great now thank you. but i was wondering does any 4.4.4 rom have working qr scanner? and skype? or do we need stock for that? and why is it so difficult to make it work in kitkat? just wondering. thank you again
  6. i tried the bluetooth speaker again and it works now, maybe it need little more battery or something, but at least it works. so now its only qr code and skype video that doesn't work, but other then that great ROM, and i think im having the black out screen when i come out of charging. gona try turn the phone on before i disconnect.
  7. great rom again, but i was testing tonight to connect the phone to my bluetooth speaker and it didnt work, have only once before gotten this error but don't remember wich rom. it used to work with liquid smooth. anyone else gotten this error? thank you
  8. viper makes the sound many times better, im using rocket player now with it because of the ui, but Neutron is probably best but you need some time to set it up
  9. but whats the difference between banks and normal gapps? the gapps i used looked very nice and new, but liquid gapps had the old look
  10. same here usually only use playstore then memory is filled up with the play services, used to use goggles sometimes but it doesnt work when qr code doesnt. have been using habit browser now and puffin and javelin before that so no chrome here either. thanx
  11. Havent installed the newest rom but the one before that is working great and also with ART. but im gonna check out the new one but was wondering wich gapps i should use? last time i used Liquid gapps but it got older looks or something from the gapps i used before that. i thinking about using gapps micro. and i have been using kk launcher and it works great now, used to have some bugs. and do you know if skype or qr code workd now? but other then that thanks for the great work, the best rom out there
  12. Why are we dowloading 4.4.4 roms when 4.1.2 are wokring better? At least qr scans and skype are workibg eight there
  13. great, im gonna try uucleaner now instead of greenify. see if that does anything better or more
  14. ok thank you, have been using Solo now but i think it needs something but still similar to nova. but i wanted to use Action Launcher but it works strange now suddenly,maybe its ART gona try everything me, but maybe i will just go back to good old NOVA. .but do you guys use du battery saver or some app like that? or game speeders? do they realy work? or don't you need them at all with this rom or custom roms?
  15. great rom, very fast, probably the best one yet. and just out of curiosity i was wondering what launcher you use? have been using Action launcher but was thinking about kk launcher or solo? just wondering, other then that thank you

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