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  1. Hey, does the Laek v3 rom have a "Data connection" button in the sliding menu (the one which is at the top of the screen)? Thank you.
  2. What about this one? http://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/1962013338.html
  3. Hey, do you know an app which provide a better power saving mode than the one that this mobile provides? Power saving mode in AOSP Pure 2 jonzalvo's rom almost doesn't save battery. Thx.
  4. I uploaded to Mega. If you want I can upload it to another website.
  5. I've extracted the apk of the camera app from the S5 rom. I haven't received the phone yet so I can't try. I leave here the link to download the apk and try it if you want: http://goo.gl/yUlG4y
  6. Is there anybody using 039 rom? Experiences? Thx.
  7. Those who get around 30K score in Antutu with 039 ROM, Do you feel the mobile perform better? Or it's just a performance improvement only with that benchmark? Thank you.
  8. Thanks for your answer. When I receive the phone I'll try both and I'll write here my experience.
  9. Hey. I think I'm gonna buy this mobile phone and in this forum I've seen a lot of roms for this device. I feel a little lost so I would like to know, if possible, which is the best rom at this moment because I'm reading a lot of users saying that LeWaN's rom is the best but in this other topic (http://www.modaco.com/topic/371968-coolpad-f1-8297w/?p=2222338) there's a user using a Samsung S5 rom and he says it works well, in Forocoches and other Spanish forums I read that Jonzalvo's roms are the best, so certainly I'm a little lost in this roms area. Another question: Does anybody here knows where to buy a battery and tempered glass for Coolpad F1? Thank you so much for your help.
  10. Lo "malo" de que ahora me vaya bien el móvil que tengo es que ya no tengo excusa para comprarme uno nuevo :/


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