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  1. USB ok here, as i use fast charge, i need to disable it using the tile in the quick settings drawer, unplug cable from the phone and plug it again and usb works
  2. Well done ;-) Just give a try to this "marvelous" ROM, my score was around 13000 hihihihi, i reach 19000 with the same settings on mourta's which is still the fastest rom i've ever used. U can be confident @Mourta....
  3. Hi there, Am currently using the latest Rom and kernel from Mourta, with the recommended kernel settings and undervolted all LP and MPU tensions to -50 from defaults. But since i flashed the 02_09 kernel my device overheat very quickly, i didn't change anything except kernel. It happens in normal use like browsing, chat on hangout..... Does anybody face the same problem ?
  4. Beanstalk is smooth and fast as well. Actually i use both Mourta's LS and Beanstalk CM (that one when i need QR scan or preview in google cam panoramas) as daily roms Now it's up to u to try ;-)
  5. Hi, U can give a try to beanstalk which as a CM based built. Hope it helps
  6. Hi, Like u i use this rom and kernels as well until the first built and, so far, no problem here but i dont use either greenify or xposed. May be u can give try to beanstalk which has xposed built in and also quite a good rom, actually i use Beanstalk and LS with multirom. Hope it helps ;-)
  7. When i do this, the second app replace the first one as floating and the first one changes to fullscreen in the background !!! by resize u mean using the snap .... 3dot menu? U Can manage to use to resized apps at the same time? How?
  8. for example: Auto Hide network traffic and color in status bar management and change density on fly perhaps more that i can't remember.... FYI, am not a gamer but yesterday for testing i open almost 10 apps (hangout, settings, dictionary, play store ......) and i played zombie tsunami for half an hour without any lags...
  9. Weirdly, i never faced this kind of lags, but as am on vessel in the middle of the ocean, i only use WIFI in airplane mode, maybe u can test it to confirm.... I just never manage to display 2 floating windows at the same time ( kind of split view in other ROMs) but maybe it's not possible in LS. Hope it helps ;-)
  10. Yep, just done a dirty flash following @Mourta advise in the OP, so far everything looks good. Thanks for the great job Mourta and all the testers. I've found several new features which i was looking for in the previous job...... Good job ;-)
  11. The latest 12/8 works fine here, but i can't set TCP congestion to westwood+ as it doesn't show up in the possible choices in kernel tweaker ans Triscker mod as well. I only get cubic, reno or westwood... May be i've done something wrong..... BTW thanks to all for ur job and supporting our device ;-)
  12. Thanks, this the one i use, there's no update until february ;-(
  13. Hi @justchris, Last time i had to re-install Multirom i use the files from this thread with the latest mrom from adam thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2655988 But i was at least 6 month ago i can't guarantee it will works hope it helps Sorry for the OT @Mourta
  14. Yep, seems logical as they are the 2 only apps which are causing me troubles ;-) Edit: U were right @Giuseppe Vallone, i've tried ART on several ROMs and result is always the same than with LS so U guys can be confident this is not ROM related but apps..... Anyway LS is Good ;-)
  15. Hello @Mourta, Thx for answering, as i say in my first post, i've made clean install and only tried to install a fresh downloaded apk and the phone never completed the install.... Do ART change some permissions somewhere ?? Do i need to wipe data on internal SDcard to be sure?

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