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  1. SeerJ

    [ROM][5.1.1] OctOS

    video recording not works mic not works with original app, but at least yes with titanium recorder and whatsapp. With the app led tester the led shows all colour of the led i think. The rom has the damn buttons layer of the nexus that we don't need because we have physical buttons, i hide it with a build.prop line. At the moment seems all works great except that things.
  2. SeerJ

    [ROM][5.1.1] OctOS

    ..And it has a lot of bugs as pinto roms of xda?
  3. Could someone upload to other hosting? it has not bugs? it seems interesting...
  4. nope, only 4.4.2 and 4.2.2 are stable, but no all releases and custom roms.
  5. it's for the WCDMA model? Any bugs?
  6. There are a little models that have KK...therefore maybe us we had goog luck but...the optimism of coolpad wasn't enough... The most of the mtk6592 are still in 4.2, probably that's the fact because our roms in KK drastically worstened the GPU performanceperformance, maybe we could focus in JB again because i think its the best kernel we could have...
  7. i've tested that rom and its very smooth and beautiful but... the bugs makes me unistall it.
  8. why there are no more version of coolpad ui 6.0?
  9. Anyone could do the backup and share?
  10. Someone knows how to port the libs of the ClearMotion Effect?? I need to know which libs use to change it an do my own repack of a rom.
  11. Someone has tried the coolui 6.0? In The version of the thread i can't do that the google play works correctly..
  12. Google apps doesn't works...google play stays charging... Its happens with the gapps of the coolui and the gapps that the maker of the rom.
  13. Then to the lollipop roms we have to wait until July?
  14. it means that In march will have lollipop??
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