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    Huawei Ascend G330
  1. Hey guys, I am looking for a possibility to swap the audio output for media on this rom because the speaker at the back is broken. Thanks :)
  2. Can you describe the problem a bit better and then we could help you
  3. Hmm maybe an other G330 User has the same issue (sometimes Tapatalk posts in the Name of my Tapatalk ID so tritriow is me) Edit: The Battery Usage through Media is quite high...
  4. I tried the FM Radio and indeed it doesn't work but the Play Services suck the battery empty (20% usage by them)
  5. Time to save some data then I'm gonna flash the rom :-)
  6. I'll flash it tomorrow because I'm going to write a spanish class test and I have to study/learn ^^
  7. I have a day off tomorrow so I can probably flash it and report bugs (my Speaker is broken so I can't report about sound bugs)
  8. Srfarias are you working on the Port for u8825 (only if you have time for it because I'll be in Rome soon and I wanted to know when it'll be out ^^
  9. Nice to know I'll test the Rom probably (I heard that the Rom is really good and I'll be in Rome soon, so a second device with me won't be Bad :-) ) Good luck with your exams
  10. Dear srfarias could you port the Rom for u8825/G330 because the device is quite similar (except for audio drivers and an other thing I don't remember at the moment) I would be quite happy :D
  11. Well you can change a bit of the UI but you can't install CM Themes but you have the real dark slim ;)
  12. Well I'm happy with my Moto G 2014 :-D
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