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  1. I don't like the "round" back of the Moto G. In my opinion, a phone should lay flat on the ground. But that's personal preferences ;)
  2. Bought a LG L90 last week and man its a nice and fast phone. Dont miss Stock Android at all. Goodbye g510 :D
  3. Such a great rom! Screen-on-time of 4h most of the time and fast as f*ck! Too bad I'm getting a Moto G LTE or a LG G2 Mini soon. I'm gonna miss this rom a bit :D
  4. Well, I'm using g510, but this Rom is incredibly fast. The fastest I used so far.
  5. Are you able to wake your phone by using the volume rockers? I checked it in gravitybox but it doesn't work. Other than that.. Holy sh... this rom is awesome! So smooth, so fast. Battery seems to last long. And thanks to gravitybox I got a white Battery Icon (god I hate the blue one..). Now I just need to figure out how I can use the volume rocker to wake the phone :huh:
  6. Yeah I used it. I dont know why I haven't seen GravityBox... :huh: I hope I get a good battery life aswell.. Yesterday with SlimKat 8.0 I got only 1,5h of display-on-time(!) with no WiFi and only mobile data. E: Wakeup with volume button doesn't work :( E2: No possibility to delete Google now from lockscreen? There's no lockscreen setting in settings.
  7. I've installed this rom now and changed the battery_percent entry in the build.prop to "true", but the percentage doesn't show up next to the battery symbol. Doesn't it work?
  8. Reinstalled tapatalk? Checkt that notifications are activated? I recieved notifications.
  9. No :-/ I've flashed now synapsis kernel. Maybe it fixes the problem. E: I think I`ve got the RILJ bug, but I dont have Google maps because of nano gapps... E2: I installed BBS, maybe it gives me some more information about the battery drain on mobile data.
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