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  1. On my G510 "open camera" app works fine in photo mode, but crashes in video mode.
  2. I a lready had tried "display lock disabled" with 05 for two days, but still had black screens. I can not tell if the changes made in 07 would show another result.
  3. I have it in daily use for 3 days now, mostly for office/business work. Everything works fine and reliable so far, deep sleep problem seems to be solved. Just some minor graphic blemishes, like when screen content changes, sometimes for a short second letters appear as black squares before changing to letters again. Looks like CPU is shortly overstressed when this happens. Maybe this could be optimized by changing any settings, but I have no idea...
  4. For whatever reason, with 20150901 ROM my "Telekom Mobilbox Pro" app is working again! With former slimkat 4.4.x builds it would not play recorded messages... :-(
  5. Installed new 20150901 display caf about 1,5 hours ago, runs fine so far. Thanks a lot, chil, for continuously bringing new life in our almost obsolete devices !
  6. Thanks for the hint, accidentally had downloaded U8825 ROM first. (For whatever reason...). U8951 ROM works fine now.
  7. So I am the only one so far with telephony not working on Display CAF ROM? Looking at the baseband version settings it says 1040 on Display CAF ROM (not working), but 2030 on Display Legacy ROM (working). Could this be the the reason for my problems? If the baseband has to be changed, how could I do that? (Sorry for my unprofessional questions...)
  8. Just installed new 250815 Display CAF ROM, but telephony did not work: when starting up the phone it did not ask for SIM PIN and did not connect to GSM network. Wiping all and clean re-installing the ROM did not help.
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