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  1. Is there an option to install or copy calling (answer) screen from miui, or other roms to aosp rom android 4.4 The default screen has become borring so i was wondering can i change it...? There are some apps on play store but none of them is working proprely...
  2. No bugs found... push notification are arriving instantaneously, 3g is working, gps takes 60-90 secods for a cold fix without help from wifi or mobile network, camera is good, video recording is working at max resolution, i have flashed that zip file for 7colour led right after i flashed ron, so i dont know does it work without it... I am still on 1%battery with 6h50min sot.. it wont turn off
  3. Regarding that v3plus ROM i posted yesterday; my battery testing is complete: i got 23h of battery with 6h25min SOT; wifi is on all the time, some calls, and texting using telegram and messenger, browsing approximately 1h (habit browser)... i am very satisfied
  4. i guess direct link is expired. here is a link: http://yunpan.cn/cdDYRwaau8YZr and password is: 62b4
  5. i have never run benchmark tests on roms i have tested. the things that interests me are camera, fluidness, gps, and battery life...currently i am testing battery life on this rom. camera is great, gps also, and it is also very fluid and fast.
  6. yes, it is multilanguage here is a link from where i downloaded this ROM using free download manager at max speed: http://sdl28.yunpan.cn/share.php?method=Share.download&cqid=15dbcb6968a0e6a6d85e2088e1011887&dt=28.eb22d4b99712221253a69c19d7b0902c&e=1440162264&fhash=f5323734e79ea737c7828276956937608b98a519&fname=8297W-V3plus-8.19.zip&fsize=297085013&nid=14399646186124363&st=7eb5ab966633646ae875a0a9b6275225&xqid=584209651 currently i can not upload it.
  7. i must share this great AOSP ROM with all of you: http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-575447-1-1.html very fast, no bugs found...i would recommend it to everyone!
  8. just tried this ROM: https://yadi.sk/d/FM8Vp2EFiMf3v 5.8.7 (thanks to owl1302) notification light is not working when screen is off, a huge bug for me...back to aosp
  9. This new version is really great, but i have some fc issues with some apps (one of them is this:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aevumobscurum.androidlite&hl=en) does someone else have this problem? Does anyone know is there a solution to fc? That is the only reason i have returned to extreme vanilla v2 rom
  10. this fix solves google services error: http://d-h.st/emGW
  11. try to manually flash gapps? how is camera compared to maucat? does it have all of led notification colors?
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