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  1. Hi, Because of my mistake, you could say I am definitely a noob, so I will have to bother you a little bit. I really need your help here guys. I did as instructed above, but I still got stock on a boot loop with no recovery apps installed on my xperia L - C2104 I have tried looking for hardkeys combinations for factory reseting the phone, but with no positive progress so far. Any options for my before I have a heart attack? :) Your help will be very (VERY) appreciated. EDIT: Hi everybody, I am going to answer myself. I have today I learned a lot from yesterday's mistake. I though that if I removed the sd card, Link2sd and the Init.d Toggler app wouldn't have an sd card to run the scripts and the boot loop shouldn't come out. Well, indeed this is what I did. I just removed the sd card and the phone came to life! Well I am installing a recovery for the phone, and fixing everything to try again. Thanks for the post btw, great info on how to use Link2sd on our phones!

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