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  1. @H3ROS, can you add status bar quick peek feature? It will be very nice.
  2. Now i'm staying on synopsis and don't have problems? What problems do you have?
  3. @killadroid, Thanks, i just must to flash this, yes? Wipe something?
  4. I have the 11/11/2014 version of this rom and i can't play bloons td battles and beach buggy racing(black screen), i heard that i need to flash any libs(nokia x maybe). Can i fix this problem? Someone give me libs if this is the problem. Sorry my english. Thanks
  5. Yes, you're right, please, look for this option, thnks
  6. It's a way to add status bar quick peek feature in this rom? Or maybe a framework module?
  7. What is the best method for increasing ram memory: swap 128mb or zram 50mb?
  8. @H3ROS, anyway swap doesn't work, maybe the problem is in subfolder, can you remove it from the script, i think that the swap file must be only in the system folder, thanks
  9. Why? The swap is for system partition but anyway it doesn't work
  10. I flashed but swap doesn't work, i checked with diskinfo, maybe a mistake in the script?
  11. I'm a novice, how can i make thid init.d file? And where i must put it?
  12. I need more ram because i'm using many apps that running in background, who can help me? Why the swap doesn't work?
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