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  1. No offence mate, I never says that this isn't helpful what I says is that this is a software solution and not permanent
  2. you slap on me when i say that that rom is a total crap now you give me my reveange :p you now that this is a software solution and you will lose it on factory reset or rom change, or a dakok said this can't help on corrupted partition Am i wrong? i think i am not
  3. @Arpione do you use only edify file for updater script?
  4. Try to change imei but I don't know how to do it Maybe find a nvram and flash it
  5. Have you try it? Is USB working? It's for tdsma version but I think there is no difference in7 partitions schema If it is working I'll be glad to finally get my friends USB working
  6. can anyone try this recovery ? http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-476744-1-1.html if it work i can translate it, but i don't have f1 anymore :(
  7. well, now i'm playing with my other toy Oneplus and just put the jonzalvo's 4,2 rom back and i just remember how good this rom is :wub: thnks to airpone for the camera patches too :D
  8. i just take a look to my other phone https://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/OnePlus+One+Teardown/26484 and it has also 3.8V nomimal voltage and a lower cut off at 3.6V
  9. if you open your coolpad and take a look to battery (i just did) you will see that our battery voltage is charging voltage or nomimal voltage of battery at 3.8V max voltage cut off at 4.35V now if you do a little reserach on google you will see that the nomimal voltage is also the voltage where your buttery must spend the most life from the links you will see also that the lower cut off must be somewhere to 3.6V well i just learn something from a stupid kid from micromax. Thanky for that edit: the graph are from a battery with nomimal volatage at 3.3 so for our coolpad you must replace the numbers and see for yourself :P our battery is also 2500mA if you like that rom, use it but for sake put a charger in at 50% of battery :P
  10. Honestly that rom must have being compiled from a stupid child, how the [email protected] can you make a AOSP running at 1.2G with nothing loaded I think the warning and error was running like he'll in console when they compile it lol
  11. and i have to destroy my X number of forums for one user only ..... :P nope
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