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  1. Also check if you have any sort of authentication switched on. In RR I had to disable it for Polish APN's and it started to work.
  2. After almost a week of using RR (5.7.3) - stable, fast and nice. I have an issue though - mobile data often doesn't come up automatically. E.g. when turning off wifi, it doesn't get activated (even though it's set to 'on' all the time). Usually going to aeroplane mode once or twice brings it back. And yes, I did a clean install using Philz. Any ideas?
  3. One question to those who have already tried KK. I'm pretty much happy with the 4.2.2 ATX release (039). What is the advantage of shifting to KitKat? I don't want to do multiple tests and play with copying my personal data back and forth again, so I'm seriously considering staying with what I have, but I want to know what I'm missing.
  4. Does anyone also have problems with SMS messages from banks etc. (senders without a phone number)? I'm not receiving them at all. I've heard of such problems in MIUI, but I'm still running CoolUI ATX (039) which is decent.
  5. With JasonOS I experienced issues after several hours. I couldn't unlock the phone or it would run very slowly. I also couldn't get the bottom buttons backlit for more than 5 seconds which was very annoying. ATX now seems far more stable.
  6. Thanks, all went well. AnTuTu score now: 31737. Much better :)
  7. I installed 4.2 ATX 039 ROM (826) which works good, but I get lags. Plus the Antutu score is only 19500 (no power saving on). I want to try the previous release (813), as someone wrote a couple of posts ago that it seemed better. Do I have to do all the wipes just like when switching ROMs, or is a simple install enough?
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