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  1. For example,I have and one of my friends, otherwise I wouldnt recommend it. Capacity is bigger 100 mah and battery has real capacity. Battery with 2900 mah in this case isnt physical possible,these batteries usually have less (-400-500 mah )than real capacity. You decide,cheers.
  2. Get Nohoon battery from banggood i think,great quaility and pricd
  3. For how much kuna did you sell ? And did you give any additional stuff like extra battery,headphones etc. ?
  4. What micro HDMI cable works on Coolpad F1 ? Link to ebay ? Thanks
  5. My kitchen scale broke,if I revive it I'll test,but as I said,battery life is a lot better and I think the weight is pretty same as original. 20 % at least better with Nohoon and not yet properly formed...
  6. Battery is excellent for me considering amount of features and white UI which consumes more battery than black AOSP UI. Also it holds in lower signal coverage it holds 4 hours,I get 4 hours of SOT during 10-15 hours and with new battery it'll go up to 5 hours with 3G using. And yes that is MIUI problem,they dont allow transfering installed apps on SD card because viruses can pottentially inhabit SD card lol google it. I got new battery,2600 mah at 3.8 V and its good,very good for 13 $,battery life increased 20 % at least.
  7. My friend had exactly same problem with his F1,size phone had almost doubled. With every day battery gotten worse and last day before new one arrived lasted 1 hour. Ordered via eBay brand new genuine and now holds almost 6-7 hours screen on time with his usage. I noticed he charged frequently,exposed battery during summer at high temperatures while screen brightness maxed and this contributed swallowing. But for example mine is perfectly normal,after 16 months holds 4 hours of sot,but I ordered new one Nohoom 2600 mah so we will see. Same problems he had,I guess you got bad batch od battery like my friend. Second friend also has normal battery.
  8. After trying so many roms,the most stable,bugless and most awesome rom is miui, good battery backup,beatiful interface,good signal and wifi coverage,nice camera app and video/picture quality,no bugs whatsoever. Well only thing that bothers me is I cant install app on SD card,I asked not so long ago but I ask again because I would like to install GTA SA,any way to reenable via app this option,to install directly apps to SD card ?
  9. Thanks,any good flashable zip camera for Mystic OS 6 ? Anyone using mo6 ? How to change from menu to middle key for recents ? How to customize even more than what comes with OS ?
  10. It happened me once similiar thing and I transfered pictures and videos from internal to external from Windows but this is weird as it happened overnight and as I said I didnt download nor installed any new apps,only this time I was on 2G network because Wi-Fi network was down. Here is from disk usage. I dont see what *uck is using memory [emoji20]
  11. I went sleeping and left phone with 2.2 GB of free internal storage,woke up and there was only 750 MB free,I didnt download anything overnight,what is android inaccesible files and how to remove it ? ( MIUI 7 )
  12. Can you give flashable zip of lg camera ? Will it work on latest miui 7 ? Better dynamic range on lg camera ?
  13. Missing silent mode icon from status bar after applying mod from one modder. How to restore silent mode icon ?
  14. Thanks,this rom has too much chinese into apps,lockscreen,are there cleaned versions of EMUI ?
  15. Anyone willing to port ? http://computerplusandroid.blogspot.in/2015/10/rom-sam-mix-v21-for-mt6592.html?m=1
  16. Thanks,but I'm looking 4.4.4 or 5.0 AOSP rom with good battery,smooth perfomance and some options to customize ! Does this ROM work on F1,I dont want to brick it again hehe http://computerplusandroid.blogspot.in/2015/09/rom-cyanogenmod11-stable-for-mt6592.html?m=1
  17. Is there any upcoming AOSP rom,possibly 5.0 ? AOSP scene has fallen little bit,MIUI,Hive and others are updating but no AOSP rom in like 2-3 months...
  18. Flashed 4.4.2 rom from YGDP,then changed from stock to custom recovery and flashed custom ROM. Everything same as described in dakok's post for unbricking Coolpad dveice.
  19. My friend has white "bleeding" on edge of every corner,yellow tint was on LG G2 sometime ago and I remember they replaced whole screen or new device.
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