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  1. @jadeeAdoptable storage does not work on the Y300 no matter what brand/size/speed of SD Card you choose. Most SD Cards up to 32GB should however work as external storage. If any of the cards you already purchased do indeed work as internal storage, you can use a modified kernel which will mount the SD card as primary storage. Note however that this mechanism is different to Android's "Adoptable storage".
  2. A new build of ResurrectionRemix 5.7.1 is now available for the Y300, builds for the G330 and G510 are compiling and will be added soon. This will probably be the last version of the rom as I bought myself a new phone (Cubot Rainbow) and don't use my Y300 anymore. Therefore I won't be able to test the rom anymore in an everyday environment. Edit: Build for G510 is now available.
  3. I just uploaded an important update to yesterdays test build for the Y300. Due to the change in heap memory allocation (no CMA) the camera seems to be stable now. However, heap memory is statically reserved and available system memory is reduced by the heap size. Therefore I drastically reduced (camera) heap (which still seems to be enough for stable functioning at 5MP resolution) and todays update has a lot more system RAM available again. Right now I'm compiling for the G510 and G330 so updates should be available shortly. Builds are now available for the G510 and G330 as well. Regarding the GApps issues: I didn't try any of them as they really slow down our device. However, since ResurrectionRemix is based on CM13, you should be able to use any lightweight GApps that work for CM13 (but consider going for a "pico" or "nano" version...).
  4. I've just uploaded ResurrectionRemix 5.7.0 for the Y300, builds for the G510 and G330 will follow soon. For this build, I've further increased the camera ION heap memory, this should hopefully fix the remaining camera issues (at 5MP resolution). The included camera app still does not work (I'll remove it with the next build), but third party apps (I recommend "Footej Camera") seem to be stable after a first test. Please post about your experiences. (I still have another idea regarding camera issues but that would mean switching to deprecated old code...). To verify the integrity of your download, I'll post the MD5sum from now on (they can also be found in the MD5SUMS file on the server).
  5. Finally a G330 build has been compiled successfully. 512MB for "system" is really difficult for modern and feature-rich rom's. In order for the rom to be small enough, I have built it as deodexed, so the first boot will take some time to optimize all apps. Additionally, I had to remove quite a number of apps. I've chosen ones that either don't work anyway (Snap, ...) or for which there are many alternatives (which you would probably prefer to the preinstalled app anyway). The complete list of removed apps is: AdAway KernelAdiutor Browser AudioFX Eleven Snap ExactCalculator
  6. Thanks a lot for your idea. Right now, I'm trying to compile the rom in deodexed mode and with the above mentioned apps excluded, we'll see if that reduces the size enough to fit in the 512MB limit...
  7. Sorry for the delay about the G330 update. Unfortunately it's not compiled successfully yet. The problem is the partitioning of the G330: "system" partition has only 512MB available space which is not enough for ResurrectionRemix. I tried to remove some apps ("Snap" (which doesn't work well anyway), KernelAdiutor and "Adaway") but the ROM is still too big. I will have another go with two or three other apps removed but it'll take at least until tomorrow until the build is finished (if it succeeds this time).
  8. Starting with the next build, I will upload it to my dedicated server, it should then be no problem to download the ROM for anybody. @D3mon3 GApps are not included. As with CM13 they will probably slow down our device a lot (that's why I prefer a GApps free device for myself).
  9. Regular updates are planned, however they won't be on a weekly basis. ResurrectionRemix updates approx. every 2-3 weeks to a new version, so once they do I plan to update the build as well. As I don't have a G510, I can't tell if the Y300 build will work on it. However with the next update I'll try to compile and upload a G510 build as well.
  10. I've installed it yesterday to my device, prior to posting it here. It seems quite fluid and battery seems to be a bit better than on CM13. Camera is still an issue, the included app crashes most of the time, 3rd party apps work stable at 3MP (and the new Footej Camera app at 5MP). I used the included KernelAdiutor to change the minimum CPU frequency to 480MHz and the scheduler to "smarmax" - with those settings I had no blackscreen so far.
  11. Regarding build June/26/2016: This is a test build where I disabled CMA heap memory in the kernel. This seems to fix the camera problem with any camera app closing at 5MP images. I ran this patch (with a previous build) for 2 days and didn't encounter any camera problems anymore. However, since this is a major change to the general memory handling of the device, I would like to hear if there are any (positive/negative) side effects. Additionally I activated a fix for WiFi dropouts which was discussed recently on Gerrit and included (but disabled) in CM13.
  12. Resurrection Remix 5.7.1 The Android Ultimate Custom OS About Resurrection Remix Resurrection Remix ROM is ultimately full featured, stable and combined with the best features of open source roms. We are also providing lot of awesome original Resurrection Remix ROM add-on s in the builds. Includes best of performance, customization, power and the newest features on your device! It is one of the most customizable ROMs out-of-the-box! Screenshots Download Y300, latest build: http://roms.noname2.com/u8833 (Y300)/ResurrectionRemix-M-v5.7.1-20160713-u8833.zip [MD5: 76b60833c605f211e5d2a20f471893bf] G510, latest build: http://roms.noname2.com/u8951 (G510)/ResurrectionRemix-M-v5.7.1-20160716-u8951.zip [MD5: 2365291fc678b89d49b0a4abf7e00223] G330, latest build: http://roms.noname2.com/u8825 (G330)/ResurrectionRemix-M-v5.7.0-20160628-u8825.zip [MD5: 705af5537a8f11e4d410218cf21bcbb9] All builds, current and old ones, can be found at: http://roms.noname2.com/ Note 1: The G510 and G330 builds are not tested by me as I don't have those devices! Note 2: The G330 build has been modified a lot in order to fit within the 512MB "system" partition. Changes are: The rom is not odexed; the first boot will require quite some time The following apps are not included: AdAway, KernelAdiutor, Browser, AudioFX, Eleven, Snap, ExactCalculator Credits Chil360 The team of ResurrectionRemix Dazzozo many other contributors... Changelog July/16/2016 ResurrectionRemix updated to 5.7.1 Currently only builds for Y300 and G510 available, G330 is compiling June/26/2016 Lowered heap memory so more RAM is now available to the system again June/25/2016 *** TEST-VERSION *** Disabled ION CMA heap Disabled IpReachabilityMonitor Removed Camera app from build (see notes in post #2) June/18/2016 Updated to latest ResurrectionRemix 5.7.0 Further increased ION heap size for camera, hopefully this will fix camera errors June/06/2016 Added G510 build (G330 added on June/10/2016) Included a WiFi patch by Oleg / remittor; should give better WiFi stability June/04/2016 Initial build
  13. Regarding the black screen issue: this exists since the very first Lollipop (5.0) roms and a definitive fix hasn't been found yet. However, the best workaround (at least for me, I am using CM13 since late 2015 and haven't had a single blackscreen in 2016) seems to be to set the CPU governor to "smartmax" and the minimum CPU frequency to 480MHz. This can easily be done with Kernel Adiutor (just remember to check that it should reenable those settings on reboot). The issue with the camera sometimes not working seems to be getting better lately. With a maximum resolution of 3 million pixels, I rarely have problems anymore. In addition, there's a new camera app available called: "Footej Camera". This app - while not being as feature rich - seems to be slightly more stable than other apps. Most of the times I can take pictures at the maximum resolution (5 million pixels). In those cases where it doesn't work, I can unblock the camera by taking a 3MP image (with any other app), right after that Footej works again at 5MP.
  14. Oh, sorry to have misunderstood. That is the problem if one (in this case me) doesn't speak the language and uses google translate. On VK I found your repacked kernel with the comment "Wifi вроде стабилен.", which google translates to "Wifi seems stable". So I assumed, due to your patched repacked LP-kernel, that WiFi should possibly be fixed. However, like I wrote in my previous post, the WiFi problem - at least the one I encouter - seems to be some general MM problem in some phone/router/... combinations, so hopefully there'll be a fix sometime by google...
  15. I used the "Deodexer for Android Runtime" from Valery Studenikin to deodex the rom. It used to work quite good in the past and didn't disappoint with the latest MM roms, however some manual adjust to some file paths before deodexing is required. I uploaded the rom to the following address: https://yadi.sk/d/pNaWfgHLq4Q9c I flashed this version using TWRP, doing a wipe of dalvik+cache+system beforehand. Note that the first boot will take quite some time...
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