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  1. Well I have been told that my Sprint version of my HTC ONE M7 wont ever be able to act like and international version, well why cant it ? If its a partition problem cant we just modify it? just like sdmerge400 modified the partitions of LG e400s ???? And i found too mny resources online that prove that this can be done! I would like if someone would make a mod for this stuff (As my phone is unlocked and i have been told that GSM is now enabled. Source: Sprint Rep.) And a fact is that both have the exact same RF chip the difference being that sprint has locked down its phons to CDMA only , Which is unlocked by carrier unlocking (That I have already done ) I think this must be possible! All we need are some talented developers! Thanks! Take care! And please do something!
  2. HELP!! LG L3 e400 not booting fully and stuck on CM9 mascot screen the background is moving but it never goes to the homescreen! sometimes after a little while it keeps playing the battery low sound (Yeah its battery IS low) after almost regular intervals! I can feel the vibrattion that happens when unlocking a pattern and I think I have unlocked it many times but only thing that appears is that Cyanogen Mod 9 boot screen! Anybody help! Also if I update it once again with a new cyanogen 9 using CWM copy will it delete my data and apps that I've moved to SDcard using Force2Sd ? and what If I install SDmerg on the new installation after that, will it still not delete data? and if I back up my data using titanium backup, will it backup moved apps (moved by force2sd app) after that?
  3. Can I use SDmerg with this? I need it badly because of apps storage ? i dont want that low on storage in my notification bar! :)
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