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  1. @Kra1o5: Do you think the bluetooth / battery drain problem (see above) is solved with r21? @luca020400 Are you shure that the problem is still the same with r21? Thanks for all to tell me how to make the update :-)
  2. Kra1o5, what is the best way do make an update from r20 to r21 without lost of all apps and data? OTA-Update will not work. I'm very happy about your ROM (r20) but I've still some problems with BT. Once activated my battery will drain much more power. Deactivating BT will not help very much to prevent a following power lost. Even a new start of the mobile will help. It is always the same. My wife has a Y300 with stock ROM. She never had this problem. Do you think r21 will solve the problem.

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