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  1. Here in Greece if you get DHL'ed you are screwed,its gonna double the price.But some sellers say it will be shipped with DHL just for marketing reasons and they send it via regular mail.You have to make that sure with the seller before ordering.
  2. download "gps connected" app
  3. all cm12.1 based roms (lollipop based) have the same bugs.The most important one that makes all of them unreliable is that when data connection is lost there is no automatic reconnection,you have to reboot the phone.Other issues (not found on all of them) are bluetooth connection,youtube bugs,data works on only one sim,sim deactivation bug,compatibility issues with some apps,broken hardware acceleration,camera resolution,playstore bugs when wrong gapps used and more.
  4. its almost ready,only few bugs remaining.wait for the final release
  5. you can try deleting the folders you dont need from the folder ygdp unpacks the cpb in your harddrive before it goes on with the installation.maybe it will flash only the files remaining,maybe it will fail,just try and see! But:if your previous rom was not tha same with the cpb you are flashing,you may have conflicts. Also:ygdp maybe formats the previous rom BEFORE installation.Thats very probable.Then maybe you will end up with a brick.Be careful!
  6. they really let us down,very bad publicity for Coolpad.They didn't even release the aosp version for a310/polymer..
  7. so its a google app problem,not a rom problem.
  8. there is no such problem.Something you did or some app/module probably caused it
  9. probably you need the vcom drivers.or try with flash tools
  10. still no mystic os v6 port for our phone?Looks very nice!
  11. i had no such problem with this rom.Probably a conflict with some other permission managing app
  12. try xposed previous version,2.6.1
  13. its common to get 0% to 1% on standby if you don't have apps that wake the device. Its the screen on time that matters
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