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  1. @KonstaT Why don't you update this rom anymore? Is a great rom but it seems you left it, Huawei released a minor update for the stock rom with the security patches of March, it would be great if you could do the same thing..thanks
  2. CyanogenMod it's officially dead. Now there is Lineage OS http://lineageos.org
  3. @KonstaT Amazing rom, thanks a lot for the update, nice job!
  4. @KonstaT Rom installed, it's a good rom, very fast but the stock launcher have some bugs with the folders. Then there are some lags when i close a single app in multitasking and i have the same problem of two guys above that is carrier name is not displayed in gsm.operator.alpha. In the camera there aren't the Panoramic and time laps functions.
  5. @KonstaT Sorry, i don't undertstand a thing, before install this rom i want to understand if the root it is already included in this rom, or i should to install SuperSu after installed TWRP and the rom?
  6. @KonstaT Hi, i want install this rom.. It works all good? 4G, Wi-Fi? is good for daily use? and is better than stock rom?
  7. There's nothing to do.. AOSP MOD is the best rom... it's old.. but gold!
  8. I have a strange problem...sometimes the download of apps from play store don't work... other times instead work.. why?
  9. Gravity box stopped working for me, all setting that i have set come back to default.. Why?
  10. What is SELinux? I saw that in cm11 and slimkat is disabled with this kernel..
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