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  1. So, for the users who still aren't aware that Android Lollipop update has started seeding out over various regions, the OTA update for Lollipop has started appearing over Nexus4 and Nexus 5. So, if you have one one try tapping over the software update button available over there I am sure you will be sure to see the update available.
  2. Well, considering that you are asking about some recovery software that could help you in getting your data back after performing a factory reset, I would say yes there are a number of them available which can do this for you but you have be real quick with the recovering process, because further delay means that place where your data previously was gets over written by something else. You can use software like Dr. WonderFoneShare to recover you data back after performing a factory reset. But do remember act fast over it and after the factory reset don't try writing something more over it otherwise the chances of getting your things back will decrease.
  3. Android Lollipop is over here now I know you guys might be going crazy to know what are the extra bunch of features, am I on the update list if yes then when? and a number of questions are there, What are your thoughts about it ?? Ask me anything about it I ll respond to your queries.
  4. Nope, I have check the application you are referring it doesn't makes any visible impacts, what this app does is it kills the apps that are simultaneously consuming the data ...
  5. Well, I am getting a feel that those two storage might be the internal storage and another one is external storage which is SD card, I guess because it's a Chinese version of the device which may be the reason why the names are not ......
  6. Well, yes this error is related with the problem over the download manager, and I don't think there is any need of factory resetting or ......a simple clearing in the cache and the data stored by the download manager app could have fixed this error out and if it still doesn't helps you then I guess the problem is somewhere else .... but factory resetting should have fixed the issue.
  7. Well, I usually change my device after 7 months but in some special cases I am faster than that so I guess it totally depends over the availability of of new device over the market.
  8. Well, I am sure there are just a number of them available and if you ask me I use recuva most of the time to recover my files and folder, can say its pretty decent and I think you can also give it a try !
  9. Hey all, I have just joined the forum stop by over here to say you all "Hieee" :D
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