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  1. Hi everyone here, I have a question regarding doing factory resets on custom ROMs installed using CWM... I asked this question in more detail over here, except I wasn't receiving answers and @dakok told me I should try here. What it boils down to is that with a custom CyanogenMod AOSP ROM + a patch that makes is possible to move apps to SD card, both installed through CWM, on my Coolpad 7320 after doing factory reset using the built-in Android factory reset I fry the ROM, phone doesn't boot up anymore. I read that after installing a custom ROM through CWM, factory reset should only be done through CWM (wipe data, factory reset and dalvik cache). Here I also have move apps to sd card patch installed, will doing factory reset through CWM somehow mess up the ROM because I have the patch? I would like to do a factory reset now, but I don't want to mess up the ROM because recovering it takes a lot of time, and effort. So is there someone with some input basically on what's the best way to do factory resets on custom ROMs?
  2. Hey, thanks I will try that. Hopefully it won't seem like I'm going off-topic too much.
  3. Hi everyone, I have Coolpad 7320 and I've installed a custom AOSP ROM to it using CWM recovery. Plus I've also applied a patch to this new custom ROM which allowed me to move apps to the SD card. I know for a fact (because I've done it before, :) ) that if I were to do a factory reset using the Android "Backup and recovery" option I will fry the ROM and I would need to install everything again from scratch, using SP Flash Tool. I've read that in order to safely do a factory reset on custom ROMs installed through CWM, it needs to be done through CWM (the Wipe data, factory reset and wipe Dalvik cache options, I think). I'm not sure if this is safe though, because of the SD card patch that I applied. Is there anyone here who has experiance with this type of thing that can give me some advice? I'm asking because I plan on selling the phone and I'd like to be able to safely wipe data without destroying the ROM, just return it to factory settings, and wipe my data of course. I'm using this ROM: http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=586011&st=540#entry33755771 And I've applied this SD card patch: http://d-h.st/5v6 Would it be safe to use CWM recovery for doing factory reset, given everything I've installed?
  4. I did the math, and it would cost me only around 20$ more than what I would pay for it if I had to pay import tax for my country (Croatia). Seller says that currently only Hungarian stock is available, so the phone would be with me very fast, and I have a contact close to home in case something goes wrong with the phone. I think I'll buy it from here, unless someone know where to find it cheaper.... :) . I bought my Coolpad 7320 from to2c, and I didn't have any problems (but I did pay the import tax and I had to wait for very long time). I'll see in a couple of day if I'll be buying or not.
  5. Hi everyone, I might need to buy coolpad f1 in the near future. Does anyone have experiences buying the phone from this aliexpress seller http://www.aliexpress.com/item/CN-UK-EU-100-no-tax-Coolpad-F1-8297-5-inch-MTK6592-Smartphone-Octa-Core-1/1784137638.html?s=p Is this the best seller for someone buying from EU? I'd like fast shipping with of course price as low as it can go, is there something better out there? This one is a bit more pricer, but it should be worth it when you factor in that it's from the EU...
  6. Ah, I see, that makes sense because internal storage and SD card are reversed on my phone....
  7. Hey, yes I probaly could use YGDP on Windows 7, but I kinda forgot to try it there, sorry. It should work just fine. I did download the CPB from the link above and it was detected by YGDP. Things would probably be easier if I usedYGDP because I wouldn't need to restore IMEI (assuming it wouldn't overwrite it), but cest la vie. Can you tell it is it possible to do a factory reset on custom ROMs if I don't set it to reset the SD card? I know you said something about not formatiting the SD card from the phone when using custom ROMS. While I was flashing I decided to test things out so I tried to do a factory reset from the CM AOSP ROM. Before doing that I removed the SD card from phone but I did set it to factory reset both internal storage and sd card (even though it wasn't there). The result was a boot loop. I could only see the Coolpad logo. Re-flashing with SpFlash Tool helped. Now I wonder would it be possible to do a factory reset from a custom ROM if I don't touch the SD card? Also if I do a recovery (using CWM backup) of the original multilanguage ROM, will I revert the proximity senzor fix?
  8. I finally managed to flash my coolpad 7320 with a stock coolui rom using SpFlash Tool and now my proximity sensor is working fine, regardless of which ROM I'm using. MTK Droid Tools >> Su Inaccessible error shows up because of the ROM. Even if you have a rooted ROM, and all the right drivers installed, you will still get this error. SpFlash Tool >> It couldn't detect my phone because I was using Windows 8.1 (64bit version). 32bit Windows 7 detected the phone just fine. I didn't flash my phone with the CPB stock ROM from the links above using YGDP tool, because YGDP also isn't working on Windows 8.1 (phone isn't detected). i used a stock ROM with blank IMEI. To backup IMEI I flashed a different ROM on my phone using CWM and then connected it to MTK Droid Tools which detected my phone just fine (I used a CyanogenMod ROM from the Russian forum). I backuped IMEI, and the stock ROM of course (from recovery) and then used SP Flash Tool to flash my phone. Stock CoolUI rom needs to be rooted, you will need Vroot to do this. MTK Droid Tools still won't recognize your phone. To restore IMEI you need to install a custom recovery (CWM using Mobile Uncle app from the market) and flash a custom ROM (I used the CyanogenMod ROM again). MTK Droid Tools will now recognize your phone and IMEI can be backed up. Fewh, I hope I made myself clear. If someone needs a more detailed tutorial on how to do this, do tell. There are tutorials for each of the steps above already online, so I didn't go into details. @dakok, thanks a lot. CM ASOP ROM 2.3.3 is awesome, much better than the Chinese one. I'll be around if someone needs help..
  9. Ok, I downloaded the 028 version of the stock ROM from the link you gave and it is in CPB format, this is the name of the file: 4.2.028.P2.140228.7320.CPB Version number of my phone (in the About section) is this: 4.2.028.P2.140228.7320 It would seem that I already have this, right? I'm left with the other method of flashing, the one that requires SP Flash Tools and IMEI backup which I'll need to figure out how to do... I'll get back with the results.... By the way, DownThemAll Firefox addon also has fast download, you don't need IDM....
  10. So this is the official tool from Coolpad/Yulong? Right? It's not a tool that Himax uses? I remember you saying that you got YGDP (sorry for the misspelling) from a Himax representative, or something like that. Maybe I'll have more luck using YGDP. I'll try to backup IMEI with MTK Droid Tools first using Vcom drivers, because I read that it's not possible to use the phone within virtualbox virtual machine (I have a Windows 7 installation there) .... If all else fails, I'll have to find someone with Windows 7. My other computer is running Linux, and I don't wanna install Windows 7 just because of this... :P
  11. OK, thanks for the tip, I have another question, I checked the current version on my 7320 and it says something like this: In-between version (Broj međuverzije, :) ) 4.2.028.P2.140228.7320 Date is older, but it does contain 028 in the version number, is it possible that I already have this version of the ROM installed? Also, like I already asked, do I need to backup IMEI, can I damage the device somehow with YGDB tool?
  12. Thanks a lot for getting back to me. Download from the link you gave is slow, so it will take a while. So i should try with Windows 7, can I do it through VirtualBox perhaps? I guess I'll have to find someone that has Windows 7..... EDIT: If I use YGDB, do I need to backup IMEI, can I lose any important information if something goes wrong?
  13. EDIT: This has been solved, check here for solution >> http://www.modaco.com/topic/373454-coolpad-7320-mtk-droid-tools-gives-me-su-inaccessible-error/#entry2229375 Hello everyone, I'm new here and I'm already pestering you with questions...I'm sorry. I have Coolpad 7320 that came rooted with SuperUser app installed. When I try to connect with Mtk Droid Tools to backup IMEI I get this error: Coolpad 7320 system/bin/su is found! Via the root button it is possible to get root shell! In system already available: Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.29 --->>> Connect to device <<<--- ATTENTION! Requests for confirmation on the device screen are possible! --- ERROR : SU inaccessible Note that this happens after i click the root button in Mtk Droid Tools. SuperUser app doesn't respond at all, it's not detecting the request from Mtk Droid Tools. I thought that maybe I should change SuperUser with SuperSU, would that help? Do I just install it from the market, or should I install the supersu.zip from recovery? I have: Installed the coolpad driver (although I didn't disable the driver signature verification since it hasn't caused me any kind of issues, should I disable it and then install driver?) Am running Windows 8.1 64bit (that came with my laptop) Turned on USB debugging, and I seem to remember activating ADB option of some sort on the phone Phone has the stock ROM installed I'm doing this to fix the proximity sensor bug, can someone help me out? Point me in the right direction? What should I do?
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