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  1. latest update is 20 agust but your repack is 7 agust please update that he fix some things and he add one shulder
  2. I think good rom is cm 11 from dzaz the rom have little bug but in gaming its amazing I test all of them they cant play titan empire game :| :| my score 1 cm 11 dozzazo 2 aospa 3 Mahdi rom 4 liquid smooth 5 nameless 6 cm 10.1 by krao9 7 expert rom they are the best 7
  3. your cm 11 is giant in gaming

  4. can i use beta 5 ??? it is on basketbuilds it is without bug?
  5. browser like cm 10.1 by krao9 R8: Fixed Random Reboots Fixed Crash Browser
  6. this rom is on first stages wait 7 or 8 week it will be good rom
  7. its ok but I want rom it is faster than others __________________________________________________________ and one question which kernel is good for gaming cextel or synopsis ?
  8. its international download this : http://dl-uk.huaweinews.com/Roms/Ascend-Y300/B199.zip
  9. I want a rom it is very smooth and without bug and lag don't give stopped work on apps and games play all games smoothly only 4.4.x 4.2.x
  10. if you can go to pink mode it is soft and if you cant its hard brick copy update.app in dload folder in your mobile sd card and put battery out use usb for power this is the final base band it didn't get error iwas get error and this version fixed that http://dl-uk.huaweinews.com/Roms/Ascend-Y300/B199.zip
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