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  1. thanks luca rom goes better than before loadings is like cm 11 by dzz asphalt 8 in high like water thanks luca but I only want swap it my only problem ;)
  2. swap in sdcard in 4.3.x ower I was can make swap easily but in kk no I don't know why
  3. what is that and how can I make that can you help me I have synopsi s kernel
  4. who can upload latest build on mediafire cant download from drop box -->slow box bad server uploading
  5. ok no loading speed change? loading are so slow 2 mb app in 30 second :huh: but in dzz cm its 6 second :o
  6. asphalt 8 is like pacman in this rom so amazing that's problem you cant understand is icons disappear
  7. I should change my rom after some update I will get back soon
  8. some bugs: cant swap no performance control asphalt 8 stopped work (I flashed again but :() when you click one app ad you go out and you press another icon all of icons goes black line like this ^_^ :ph34r: google asphalt 8 :wub: :P viber setting they goes to -- _-_ _---- _ google asphalt 8 but in first asphalt gaming it shows perfect but no every thing gone :( :huh:
  9. thanks luca butsoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing on gaming asphalt 8 on high without seeder or gl tool without little lag
  10. rom is like b199 dosent support swap :||||||||||||||||||| <_< :angry: :(
  11. slowest rom I test it install 2 mb app in 1 minute :| :blink:
  12. you said you install nexus L theme in this rom but its stock cm
  13. where is the performance :unsure: 2g and 3g didn't work :blush: :( include es explorer no theme :( :angry:
  14. thanks this is that I was want I should flash recovery and root my phone after that I install it thanks
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