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  1. ATOMIC OS for Coolpad F1/Micromax A310/Himax Polymer Octa by Jpower73 Features:- 1. Status bar :- Statusbar Items Battery Quick Settings Clock and Battery Adjustment Carrier Label 2. Navigation Navigation bar [DUI] Button Settings 3. Lockscreen Lockscreen Shortcuts Double tap to sleep anywhere Lock screen torch Power Menu (Lock screen) 4. Panels Recent Panel[Immersive Recents] What’s Working:- WiFi Weird Sounds After Flashing Gapps Fixed Adaptive brightness Phone FC Fixed Camera (Stock Camera) + Video Recording (Except Stock Camera) Working Perfectly No Need To Reboot For Apps To Appear In-App Drawer Hotspot Fixed BT Fixed Data Working 1080p Playback In Gallery Fixed Youtube 720p Fixed,1080p too Youtube Live Playback Fixed Solid explore file manager added Titanium backup added No Sim Fixed No Network Drop Found USSD Fixed Auto rotation Fixed Substratum support(no need to reboot to apply theme) FM Radio in Earphones After Reboot Quick Settings Too Rest Are As Nougat Too Many Features Bugs :- VPN (Use ShadowRock App : NAT Mode. Do not let playstore update the apk) Video Recording In Stock Camera ( Use Footej App or Cameringo. Both included) Credits :- Mrrajsingh111 Aditya Kumar Tribetmen Teja K Aokp Os Team Neeraj Thakur Sartaj Prince Kishan P Patel Yashpal Joshi Sooraj Suresh Kichu Shubham Verma Anupam Anand ROM: https://mega.nz/#!RRQFAQrb!06HBDBtLGwNGymLP-dqtoLyUSFT_a740IfmYyU0onlU Xposed Framework: ---No Need to flash. Just connect to the internet, open up xposted installer,wait few secs, tap on Version 89 button once appearing. It will dl & install the appropriate framework. It will Reboot. (Zram pre-activated, gapps pre-installed) Wipe data, cache, dalvik-cache, system. Flash ROM.zip Enjoy.!
  2. Os: Nougat 7.1.2 Chip: MTK6592 Kernel: 3.4.67 Features : - 3minit Battery Mod - Ability To Enable/disable Settings Drawer - Adjust Brightness By Sliding Statusbar - Adjust Volume Dialog Timeout - Aicp Extras App For Customizations - Aicp Logo In Stausbar - Allow More Time Steps To 'do Not Disturb' - Allow To Set Custom Brightness For Ambient Display And Lifttowake - Aokp Custom System Animations For Power Menu - Aosp Recents Grid Style - App Circle Sidebar - App Exit Toast - App Sidebar - Appops - Automatic Speakerphone By Checking Proximity (Dialer) - Battery Bar - Battery Bar With Color Change & Animation On Charge - Battery Save Mode Custom Color - Bluetooth Battery Level Display For External Devices - Blur On Lockscreen - Blur Ui - Brightness Icon And Position Settings - Brightness Slider - Camera Sound (For Build-in Camera App) - Change Carrier Label - Change Device's Hostname - Change Heads-up Notifications Globally For All Apps - Charging Sounds: Add Option To Notify On Charger Connect Only - Charging Sounds: Add Option To Use Default Charging Sound - Circle App Bar - Color Picker - Compressed Dashboard Menu - Current Charging Status On Lockscreen - Custom Carrier Label - Custom Doze Options For Notifications (Pulsing, Inverted Notifications,...) - Customize Night Mode Brightness Settings - Dialer Call Recording - Dialer: Show Contacts With Phone Numbers Only - Disable Qs Header Tiles For Edit/expand/multiuser/services - Disabling Fc Notifications - Disabling Immersive Mode Messages - Double Tap To Sleep On Lockscreen - Dt2s On Navbar - Dt2s On Status Bar - Dui Fling (Navbar With Gestures) - Dui Pulse Sound Eq In The Statusbar - Dui Smartbar (On-screen Navbar) - Enhanced Changelog In Aicpextras - Enhanced Dui Navbar Qs Tile (On/off/switch Type) - Enhanced Qs Tile For Hotspot (Longpress For Tethering Options) - Expanded Statusbar Weather - File Persistence On "Hosts" File Between Flashes - Fingerprint Authentication Vibration - Fingerprint On Reboot (Optional) - Fingerprint Scrolling - Flip To Mute Call (Dialer) - Flip To Mute/reject Call - Force Expanded Notifications (Also Via Settings!) - Header Date+time Position - Header Image Shadow + Text Shadow - Header Images (Via Omnistyle Packages) - Headphones Icon Switch - Hide Apps From Recents - Hide Dashboard Menu - Hide Lockscreen Clock, Date & Alarm - Hide Magisk Manager / Supersu From Settings, If It Is Uninstalled - Hide Status Bar On (Secure) Lockscreen - Increasing Ring Volume - Installed Apps: Show Link To Google Playstore - Integrated Ota-update App In Aicp Extras - Keyguard Statusbar Clock Toggle - Kill Switch For Status Bar Notifications - Launch Music Player When Headset Is Connected - Less Notifications Sound - Lock Apps In Recents (Slimrecents) - Lockscreen Blur - Lockscreen Colors - Lockscreen Shortcuts - Lockscreen Torch - Mediascanner Behavior On Boot Changeable - Membar In Recents (Default And In Slimrecents) - Navbar Tile: One Tap To Enable/disable, Long Tap To Choose Nav Type - Navigation Disabled Notification - Network Traffic In Status Bar - Notification Counter In Statusbar - Notification Light - Notifications Transparency - Omnijaws (Qs Weather & Weather In Statusbar) - Omniswitch - Omniswitch As Launcher Or For Recents - On-the-go Mode - One Hand Mode (With Dui Navbar) - Option To Hide Lockscreen Clock, Date & Alarm Text - Own Battery Icon "Tha Battery" - Pa Accidental Touch - Pa Color Engine - Pa Pie 3.0 Control - Pa Pocket Mode - Pixel Navigation Bar Animation - Power Menu And Dialogs Transparency - Power Menu Animations - Power Menu On Lock Screen Hide - Power/reboot Dialogs Dim Amount - Pulsing Animation Of The Solid Battery - Qs Footer Warnings - Qs Header Transparency - Qs Shade Transparency - Qs Stroke Settings - Qs Switchable For Location (From Laos) - Qs Tile For Ambient Display - Qs Tile For Battery Profiles - Qs Tile For Music Playback & Title Display - Qs Tile For Night Mode - Qs Tile For Own App Or Action To Pin To - Qs Tile Titles Visibility - Qs Tile To Deactivate/activate Ambient Display - Qs Tiles Columns - Qs Tiles Rows - Qs Tiles- Aicp Extras, Ime, Volume Panel, Ring, Music, Reboot, Fling/smartbar, Pie, Screen Off, Expanded Desktop, Lockscreen, Screenrecord, Screenshot, Caffeine, Weather, Etc. - Quick Open Qs, When No Notification Is Present - Quick Open Running Services Via Qs Tile Or Notification - Quick Qs For Bluetooth - Quick Qs For Mobile Data - Quick Qs Tile For Location - Quick Qs Tile For Wifi - Quick Reboot Qs Tile - Quick Settings Disable On Lockscreen - Recents Fullscreen - Reset Battery Stats - Rom Stats - Screen Record - Screenshot Edit Via Own Buildin (Simple) App - Screenshot Sound Toggle - Screenshot Type (Whole Or Partial Screen) - Scrolling Cache - Scrolling For Quicktoggles - Set Start/end-colour Of Pulse - Silent Mode - Slim Recents Iconpack Support - Slim Recents: Allow To Adjustment Of Round Corners For Cards - Slimaction Widgets For Restart, Etc. - Slimrecents With Tweaks Like App Side Bar Display - Small Qs Tiles (Scrollable) - Smartbar Button Tint - Smartbar: Pixel Button Animatiom - Smartbar: Show Arrows For Next/previous Track When Playing Audio - Status Bar Temperature - Status Bar Ticker - Statusbar 4g <-> Lte Switch - Statusbar Aicp Logo - Statusbar Ticker For Notifications And Music Title - Substratum In Settings If Installed - Superuser Indicator On Status Bar For Lineage Su-addon - Task Manager (Running Services) In Status Bar - Theme And Font Support, Systemless, Through Oms7 (Substratum) - Three-fingers-swipe To Screenshot - Tiles Animation Style & Speed - Time Contexual Header (Via Omnistyle) - Toast Icons Display Toggle - Toggle Dashboard Layout, Descriptions, Summaries - Toggle Display Music Visualization On Lockscreen - Toggle To Make Volume Buttons Change Music Volume, Not Phone - Torch In Powermenu - Unlink Notification Volume - Vibrator Strength (In Other Sounds) On Activated Devices - Volume Dialog Stroke Settings - Volume Dialog Transparency - Volume Key Answer - Volume Steps - Wake Display On Plug Into Charger - Weather In Statusbar Headers With Icon Support - Weather Settings For Lockscreen (In Aicp Extras) - Yoga Time - Zen Icon In Statusbar Bugs : VPN - (use Shadowsocks apk, Go to Settings - NAT Mode... Do not update it from Playstore) Video Recording - Use Footej .....- WORKS WITH STOCK TOO. FIXED BY JPOWER73 Main Highlight : Latest Build From Source 08/02/2018 Security Patch (R36) Brightness Issue Fixed Default Storage : SDCard Storage R/W Permission Fixed Battery Backup GPS Fixed Camera Fixed Both Storage Mounting In PC And Phone Both SIM Working FM Radio In Headset Credit : Attached2Android AICP Developers Fire855 Aditya Kumar Anand Umap Tribetman Teja K ManjuNath Sir Raj Kumar [Compiling Rom From Source + Fixing Bugs] Blacklisted.rock ME 1. Rom: https://mega.nz/#!9EBCVJiK!XKXhRgGKcnVvu31nj9JgZ9IqkBY36JzIx_9Cbvs61G4 (Zram pre-activated, gapps pre-installed) Wipe Cache, Dalvik Cache/ART, System, Data Flash Rom Enjoy.!
  3. Os: Nougat 7.1.2 Chip: MTK6592 Kernel: 3.4.67 Features : Dui(Fling/Pulse/Smartbar) Substratum Theme Engine Omni's Qsheaders Background One-Handed Ui Inbuilt Supersu Privacy Guard Expanded Desktop Statusbar Clock/date Customizations Dashboard Suggestions/summaries (Enable/disable) Notification Intervals Increasing Volume In Ringtone D2s On Navbar Long Press Back Button To Kill App Dashboard Column Configurations Detailed Location Qs Tile! Statusbar Traffic Indicators Notification Count Dt2s On Statusbar Qs Quick Pulldown Qs Brightness Slider(Enable/disable) Qs Tiles Animations Force Expand Notifications(Enable/disable) Immersive Mode Messages(Enable/disable) Flashlight Notifications Immersive Recents Toast Icon Media Scanner Behaviour On Boot Power Menu Customizations Additional Battery Saver Steps Volume Rocker Tweaks(Wake/music Seek/keyboard Cursor Control/swap In Landscape Mode) Spanish Translations Pt Br Translations Update Fling Logoadd Gestures Back To Settings App Qs Haptic Feedback One Tap Data & Wifi Tile Auto Brightness Icon Toggle Breathing Notifications Clickable Clock And Date In Statusbar Header Long Press Gear Icon In Statusbar Header Launches Extensions Show 4g Instead Lte Switch Night Mode Is Back Night Mode Qs Tile Long Press Caffeine Tile Action Customize Qs Rows/columns Customize Small Qs Tiles Statusbar Brightness Control Lockscreen Shortcut Double Tap On Lockscreen To Sleep Quick Unlock For Pin/password Battery Styles And Percentage Change Default File Manager To Mk Explorer Add FM Radio Navbar Qs Tile Flip Button Animation Unlink Notification Volume Status Bar Clock Seconds Partial Screenshot Type Screenshot Delay Slimperience Browser Pixel's Bootanimation(Experimantal) Pixel's Ui(Navbar/accent/pixel Launcher) Oms7 Camera Sound Toggle Advance Ambient Display Long Press Power Button On Lockscreen For Torch Disable Fcwakelock Blocker Toggle Lockscreen Media Art Toggle Lockscreen Music Visualizer Ticker Bluetooth Qs Tile Easy Toggle(One Touch) Cm's Eleven Music Player Disable Qs On Lockscreen Invert Ambient Display's Color Toggle Dynamic Notification Card's Color Low Battery Notification Toggle Hide Clock/date/alarm Text From Lockscreen Lockscreen Clock's Font Customizations Weather On Lockscree Aexpapers Heads Up Customizations Du's Hw Button Rebinding Masquerade "Twenty Procyon" (Urgent Security Patch Update For Ubstratum V560) Button Backlight Customizations Recents Clear All Fab Button And Re-positioning Recents Free Ram Bar Custom Carrier Label Dynamic Navbar And Many More Coming In Future! Many Extensions Are Added In Each Update So We Miss Out Adding New Extensions In This List. So Always Keep On Checking The Latest Changelog In Our G+ Community, And There You Can Monitor The Previous Changelogs As Well, To See How Far We Have Come! Whats New : Added New Features In Setting Dashboard Newly Themed App Icons Added Inbuilt Hibernate Features Night Mode Kernel Manager Eq Setting Doom 4 Flash Notice (Sms And Calls) Battery Manager Time Off Sleep Auto Start Management Good Ram Management Stable And Bugless Built Xposed Added Themed Music Player Main Highlights : Latest Build - 24 March 2018 5 March 2018 Security Patch Pixel Launcher 3 Network Gone, When Turning On Loudspeaker During Call, Fixed 2nd Sim Selection Fully Working, Use Any Combination Of SIM. Stable Network Brightness Fixed GPS Fixed Camera Fixed Substratum Working Both Storage Mounting In PC And Phone Loud Sound Both SIM Working FM Radio In Earphone------------SPEAKER IS WORKING TOO. FIXED by Jpower73 Offline Charging Bugs : VPN (use Shadowsocks apk, Go to Settings - NAT Mode... Do not update it from Playstore) Video Camera Recording works with Stock, Camu, Footej and Cameringo (preinstalled) Credits : Attached2Android Melek bulkin042 medved9112 sanja56 Помог medved9112 Собирал Shivom Blacklisted.rock & bmv1510 for using Ridon Os port 'n' patch as a base Me For Coolpad F1/Micromax A310/Himax Polymer users ONLY ROM: https://mega.nz/#!kcB0yAaZ!9H3r3Yj2iHX9EBje7om_NjWHju9bifEtdMdj9gNk1h0 Xposed Framework: ---No Need to flash. Just connect to the internet, open up xposted installer,wait few secs, tap on Version 89 button once appearing. It will dl & install the appropriate framework. It will Reboot. (Zram pre-activated, gapps pre-installed) Wipe data, cache, dalvik-cache, system. Flash ROM.zip Enjoy.!
  4. try this rom. it is bugless https://forum.xda-developers.com/a310/development/updated-resurrection-remix-os-5-8-5-v3-t3755371
  5. MIUI 9.2- Slim on COOLPAD F1/Mmx A310-A311/Himax Polymer Octa (Dual 3G) https://forum.xda-developers.com/a310/development/miui-9-2-9-2-2-0-stableslim-coolpad-f1-t3774303/post76147032#post76147032 Removed AntiSpam.apk AppIndexProvider.apk BasicDreams.apk BrowserProviderProxy.apk CloudService.apk DocumentsUI.apk DrmProvider.apk EngineerMode.apk EngineerModeSim.apk FileExplorer.apk Galaxy4.apk HoloSpiralWallpaper.apk HTMLViewer.apk HybridAccessory.apk HybridPlatform.apk jjhome.apk KeyChain.apk KSICibaEngine.apk LiveWallpapers.apk LiveWallpapersPicker.apk LocationEM.apk MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk MetokNLP.apk Mi-pop.apk MiAssistant.apk MiDrive.apk midtest.apk MiLinkService.apk MTKLogger.apk MTKThermalStress.apk MusicFX.apk NoiseField.apk Notes.apk PacProcessor.apk PhaseBeam.apk PhotoTable.apk PicoTts.apk Plant3D.apk PowerKeeper.apk PrintSpooler.apk SecurityAdd.apk SecurityCoreAdd.apk SmsExtra.apk Stk1.apk SYSOPT.apk SystemAdSolution.apk SystemBaseFunctions.apk TouchAssistant.apk TranslationService.apk UserDictionaryProvider.apk VideoOrbPlugin.apk VipAccount.apk VisualizationWallpapers.apk Wallpaper.Carousel_M816081630-MA_2016081630.apk WAPPushManager.apk Whetstone.apk WMService.apk YGPS.apk AndroidClock_Highlight.ttf AndroidClock_Solid.ttf AndroidEmoji.ttf Clockopia.ttf DroidNaskh-Regular-SystemUI.ttf DroidNaskh-Regular.ttf DroidNaskhUI-Regular.ttf DroidSansArmenian.ttf DroidSansEthiopic-Regular.ttf DroidSansGeorgian.ttf DroidSansHebrew-Bold.ttf DroidSansHebrew-Regular.ttf DroidSansMono.ttf DroidSerif-Bold.ttf DroidSerif-BoldItalic.ttf DroidSerif-Italic.ttf DroidSerif-Regular.ttf Miui-Bold.ttf Miui-Light.ttf Miui-Regular.ttf Miui-Thin.ttf MiuiEx-Bold.ttf MiuiEx-Light.ttf MiuiEx-Regular.ttf MTLmr3m.ttf NanumGothic.ttf NotoColorEmoji.ttf NotoNaskh-Bold.ttf NotoNaskh-Regular.ttf NotoNaskhUI-Bold.ttf NotoNaskhUI-Regular.ttf NotoSansBengali-Bold.ttf NotoSansBengali-Regular.ttf NotoSansBengaliUI-Bold.ttf NotoSansBengaliUI-Regular.ttf NotoSansDevanagari-Bold.ttf NotoSansDevanagari-Regular.ttf NotoSansDevanagariUI-Bold.ttf NotoSansDevanagariUI-Regular.ttf NotoSansGujarati-Bold.ttf NotoSansGujarati-Regular.ttf NotoSansGujaratiUI-Bold.ttf NotoSansGujaratiUI-Regular.ttf NotoSansGurmukhi-Bold.ttf NotoSansGurmukhi-Regular.ttf NotoSansGurmukhiUI-Bold.ttf NotoSansGurmukhiUI-Regular.ttf NotoSansHebrew-Bold.ttf NotoSansHebrew-Regular.ttf NotoSansHebrewUI-Bold.ttf NotoSansHebrewUI-Regular.ttf NotoSansKannada-Bold.ttf NotoSansKannada-Regular.ttf NotoSansKannadaUI-Bold.ttf NotoSansKannadaUI-Regular.ttf NotoSansKhmer-Bold.ttf NotoSansKhmer-Regular.ttf NotoSansKhmerUI-Bold.ttf NotoSansKhmerUI-Regular.ttf NotoSansLao-Bold.ttf NotoSansLao-Regular.ttf NotoSansLaoUI-Bold.ttf NotoSansLaoUI-Regular.ttf NotoSansMalayalam-Bold.ttf NotoSansMalayalam-Regular.ttf NotoSansMalayalamUI-Bold.ttf NotoSansMalayalamUI-Regular.ttf NotoSansMyanmar-Bold.ttf NotoSansMyanmar-Regular.ttf NotoSansMyanmarUI-Bold.ttf NotoSansMyanmarUI-Regular.ttf NotoSansSymbols-Regular.ttf NotoSansTamil-Bold.ttf NotoSansTamil-Regular.ttf NotoSansTamilUI-Bold.ttf NotoSansTamilUI-Regular.ttf NotoSansTelugu-Bold.ttf NotoSansTelugu-Regular.ttf NotoSansTeluguUI-Bold.ttf NotoSansTeluguUI-Regular.ttf NotoSansThai-Bold.ttf NotoSansThai-Regular.ttf NotoSansThaiUI-Bold.ttf NotoSansThaiUI-Regular.ttf Padauk-book.ttf Padauk-bookbold.ttf Roboto-Black.ttf Roboto-BlackItalic.ttf Roboto-BoldItalic.ttf Roboto-Italic.ttf Roboto-LightItalic.ttf Roboto-Medium.ttf Roboto-MediumItalic.ttf Roboto-Thin.ttf Roboto-ThinItalic.ttf RobotoCondensed-Bold.ttf RobotoCondensed-BoldItalic.ttf RobotoCondensed-Italic.ttf RobotoCondensed-Light.ttf RobotoCondensed-LightItalic.ttf RobotoCondensed-Regular.ttf libandfix.so libanti.so libapkPatch-mk-2345.so libappinfo-mk-2345.so libbitmaps-mk-2345.so libcom_iflytek_inputmethod_bundlesetting.so libcom_iflytek_inputmethod_mmp.so libcom_iflytek_inputmethod_setting.so libdaemon_api20-mk-2345.so libdaemon_api21-mk-2345.so libDeamonso.so libDecRawso.so libdexopt.so libgif.so libgifimage-mk-2345.so libimagepipeline-mk-2345.so libjcore115.so libjni_mdm.so libjpush213.so libmarketsec-mk-2345.so libmemchunk-mk-2345.so libMetaVAD-v1.so libmsc-v8.so libmsc.so libnalsocket.so libNativeCrashCollect.so libqihoospeech.so libsmartaiwrite-jni-v22.so libsmartaiwrite-jni-v23.so libsmartaiwrite-jni-v24.so libsmartaiwrite-jni-v25.so libsmartaiwrite-jni-v26.so libtpnsSecurity.so libvadLib-v5.so libvinit.so libvipfont.so libwatchdog.so libxguardian.so libzsencryption-mk-2345.so Backup.apk BackupRestoreConfirmation.apk Calendar.apk CleanMaster.apk CloudBackup.apk CloudServiceSysbase.apk ExternalStorageProvider.apk FusedLocation.apk InputDevices.apk MiDrop.apk SecurityCenter.apk SharedStorageBackup.apk WallpaperCropper.apk Weather.apk WeatherProvider.apk YellowPage.apk etc
  6. https://forum.xda-developers.com/a310/development/miui-9-9-2-2-0-stable-version-coolpad-t3739206 more tips and addons
  7. Greek Language support for MIUI Stable Instructions: Flash this patch after the rom installation : 3. https://mega.nz/#!8ZgjFBhb!vq1w6Wb5nRsx4iED3xupejl1hDcRUUv1h_Z0l_oNZbQ Goto Morelangs apk, select ¨Ελληνικά¨. Thats it :)
  8. MIUI 9 - Stable version on COOLPAD F1 by Jpower73 Only English /Chineze Tweaked. Z-Ram activated Idit.d support Nvram Wifi error-> fixed Bluetooth mac address changing on every boot-->Fixed Gps issues-> Fixed All themes are free. Gapps preinstalled ALL IN ONE ROM (AIO) installation: on TWRP: -wipe cache -wipe dalvik -wipe data -wipe system (repeat 3 times each wipe) on PHILZ (cwm): - wipe dalvik - clean to install a new rom Flash rom + performancex2 ready Also, U may flash it over my latest version without wipes after the PerformanceX2 patch installation, the system will reboot by itself. Don't worry Flashing procedure (clean or dirty): 1. Rom: https://mega.nz/#!0Nw3HCoJ!1YOBZONq8_dsS4l_AD8L0IhA4kTL4ZFHLeJm4NBw_Yg 2. PerformanceX2 patch: https://mega.nz/#!JUxRwIIR!Bq9oAIdECp5RUszS0lGxFFy74FlkYLyzP1oobJ04ZNo in cace u need Xposed framework apk, here it is: https://mega.nz/#!xUxmXYiB!zJ_zT9S5NcAsLVkqrYMasITKAF8aJG1NU2ynPz25SNE Ported from REDMI NOTE 3G. Enjoy...
  9. http://www.myphone.gr/forum/showthread.php?p=7464466#post7464466 :)
  10. New boot image for miui 9 - 7.9.7 boosted with 512 ZRam enabled support https://mega.nz/#!lYQXTJyK!MYZH5yjMQeIRH9LwdeC7f7A9-2F1V4jJiJFWQ1p0bZc Proof: post #25454 http://www.myphone.gr/forum/showthread.php?p=7344115#post7344115 ;)
  11. Here u r.. It's compatible with miui 9. Fully customizable. (button remaping for pro users)
  12. ADVANCED RAMDISK (BOOT.IMG) FOR MIUI 9 7.9.7 by jpower73 http://www.myphone.gr/forum/showthread.php?p=7331646#post7331646 Ultra Speed..!!!
  13. Miui 8 and miui 9 (probably miui 7 too) does not support 3G on both cards. Only sim1 is 3G capable.
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