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  1. José Suniaga

    BLU Phones developement

    i was reading and there is developement for Mediatek MT6572 chipset so if i download any meadiatek MT6572 rom it will work on my blu advance 4.0??'
  2. José Suniaga

    BLU Phones developement

    Hello i ve got a BLU PHONE, and i dont see any rom or developement of it at the web it have android 4.2.2 but i think this one is upgradable to lollipop or atleast to kit kat I ve got BLU ADVANCE 4.0 phone and i dont see even in google or any web a developement of roms for this phone here is the GSM ARENA LINK: http://www.gsmarena.com/blu_advance_4_0-5908.php please if u see something post it, i came here to the experts of modaco sorry for my bad english.
  3. RT @VinesPremLeague: The best angle! Jagielka's equaliser against Liverpool yesterday https://t.co/9kwbrVepai

  4. RT @ManUtdMaster: Robin van Persie ha llegado a su gol 50 con Manchester United. ¡Letal! http://t.co/k9Xs6hOc7l


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