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  1. Any file manager i want test gaming? I confused how to instal apps?
  2. Yep data icon is there, i cant find file manager so cant test gaming performance
  3. In my country theres quadcore 64bit 1gb ram with lolipop os only $80. Its just about time
  4. I cant understand even the unofficial havent release yet why people keep asking when it releases
  5. What caf used in slimkat 8.1 its has no buga so far, u could add it to slime 9?
  6. E dual is better bco e1 is single core. U can try zenphone 4/s or huawei i forgot the model but quadcore 1 gigs ram arround that price
  7. Iam back to 8.1 thats the most stable with no issue. Also have new display caf and lib
  8. Redmi note is awesome, octacore ram 2gb gaming very pretty on that device.
  9. Not hope to much in official update. Only iphone gives thatbkindbof support, lucky we have many devs
  10. Iam sorry if my word sharp. But dualcore have limitations , i compare with quadcore its blazing fast.
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