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  1. Ok, great, thank you very much for all the information !
  2. Great that you've already implemented dlmalloc ! What is the concern with H space compaction ? And can we use KSM feature (very effective on Samsung Galaxy S3 International, but at the cost of losing camera) ?
  3. Thank you very much KonstaT !!! My UK Open C is breathing again ! (I had problems previously with brightness that was dimmed and not adjustable anymore, as well as slow overall performance) Do you think that our device could benefit from those memory tweaks : http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s3/development/5-1-x-cyanogenmod-12-1-t3066864/post62469285#post62469285 Thank you so much again, and have a nice day ! :-)
  4. Thank you so much ! Will install it as soon as possible
  5. Thank you so much KonstaT for your time and perseverence !!!
  6. Oh, bad luck, well as long as your workaround (saving attachments) works, it's fine. All right, I understand. For its price, it's a very satisfactory smartphone (as fast, if not faster, than my Galaxy S3 on daily routine tasks). Yeah, that would be great to get our device officially supported !
  7. Thank you KonstaT ! Then hopefully it will be solved inside your next update. By the way, how do you choose the date of your updates, is it related to code merging by CM or something ? wouldn't it be simpler if you took the M builds (monthly) ?
  8. Thank you for your answer ! Please find enclosed the logcat, generated just after the MMS picture opening error. As you suggested, saving the attachments (3 pictures in my case) worked, and I was able to view the pictures afterwards. In the MMS menu, selecting "View slideshow" leads to the same error/crash as clicking directly on the attachment. logcat.zip
  9. Dear KonstaT, I did what you recommended (install Comebuy Android 4.4) and then your CM11. I am with 10/12 version and everything is working perfectly except the MMS. When I want to open a video received in a MMS, I get the following error "Unfortunately, Messaging has stopped". Could you please help me ?
  10. Thank you very much KonstaT, excellent build !!!
  11. Thank you SO much KonstaT for this amazing ROM !!! I had been following this thread for a few weeks, in hope of an update to FFOS 1.4 by ZTE but I couldn't resist anymore and took the plunge yesterday to install your CM11 on my ZTE Open C. I used Ubuntu to fastboot CWM and install your ROM directly. I didn't install Comebuy Android KK 4.4 before and this led me to not having a modem. This problem was solved flashing the KitKat Modem.zip provided by "vampirefo" on XDA. I am very grateful to you, the install went very straightforward and the phone is behaving very well. I just have one issue for the moment : I cannot set up my Google account to sync my Calendar and Contacts (not using Gmail and don't want GApps, just use AOSP apps). When I choose to add a "Corporate" account and then specify "Exchange", enter "m.google.com" as the server (as I used to do with my CM11 M10 on my Android phone) and my login and passwords, I get the following error: "You don't have permission to sync with this server. Contact your server's administrator for more information". Could you please help me ? These are my HW details : Accelerometer: 0x33 Camera: BACK Camera ID:GALAXYCORE,GC2235, 2M Bayer sensor eMMC: HYNIX H9DP32A4JJMCGR 4G eMMC LCD panel: IC:ILI9806C+TXD; Glass:CMI; Resolution:480*800 Touchscreen: name : goodix i2c address : 0x5d IC type: goodix GT968 firmware version : 968_1060 module : LiHe ro.boot.hwversion: wkzA.4

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