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  1. I haven't tried. Check it for yourself https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByEOR9M5bXAtTGh2WFhUTl9udE0/view?usp=sharing
  2. That one is almost untouched stock except for the keyboard and mobileuncle. Deodexed, root and busybox
  3. I don't like "dirty" flashing, but it should be ok, I guess.
  4. New BB72 modified 11s is out http://www.androidiani.com/forum/modding-letv-x600/487479-rom-letv-x600-bb72-basata-su-eui-stock.html
  5. I don't know if it might have to do with your problems with google services/store, but this rom had what it seemed like 2 different set of gapps, or a leftover from one set to another, if you cathc my drift. So it had both gmscore.apk and prebuiltgmscore.apk. I'd suggest removing both and flashing a fresh, more updated set of gapps
  6. New stock release (11s) is up. TWRP flashable version with root and busybox; no gapps. It's almost stock, I haven't "decrappified" it thoroughly, just added mobileuncle and changed the baidu keyboard for a xperia material themed one https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByEOR9M5bXAtaWhrR1JwMXg3Tzg/view?usp=sharing
  7. I didn't have much chance to choose, because I needed a terminal and I got a reasonable prize for it with a next day shipping If you can get a good deal and need the upgrade, go ahead. Check other options nonetheless As far as software goes, you won't find as many options as the F1. Stock rom runs reasonably well; ram usage is higher than you might expect, but I suspect it has something to do with the android version rather than just a "heavy" ui implementation. As a bonus, letv streamings are actually pretty good. Last night I watched the GRAMMYs for a spell through the stock music player with superb quality I really don't care for MIUI roms, but some people seem to be pretty happy with some multilanguage ports I haven't tried any AOSP rom yet, but all of them seem to be ported from ports to x10 xiaomi devices. As far as I know the only x10 terminal that actually has an AOSP like rom is the elephone Vowney, but there're still no direct ports that I'm aware of
  8. Just try installing the recovery.img with mobileuncle. But you don't need to upgrade TWRP. I would wait for an usable 3.0. The russians seems to have already a 3.0, but not without some problems from what I can understand using google translator That hermes thing is probably caused by a custom (xiaomi ported) rom
  9. Well some other lines on the build.prop suggest that there's a HK branch ro.build.fingerprint=Letv/Le1s_HK/X3_HK:5.0.2/DHXOSOP5500801182S/74:user/release-keys If so, it might also could be a x600 HK branch as well I've passed the link to some people with a x500, to pull some apps out of the rom and check if they're multilanguage Rom the definetively seems legit, becuase I've played aroun with it with the amazing Superr's kitchen and it looks like a x507 rom allright
  10. Could this one be the indian stock rom? http://www.chochweetrom.blogspot.in/2016/02/leeco-le1s-stock-firmware-prerooted-and.html EDIT: Nevermind, I couldn't check it, because the rar file asks for a password EDIT: Ok, password provided on the link. It seems like a legit rom, but build.prop is set to russian localization, kinda weird. So it's either multilanguage or a mod by someone over at 4pda ( I presume) "ro.build.description=full_x500-user 5.0.2 DHXOSOP5500801182S 74 release-keys" Rom has root and gapps
  11. Since it's already included in the rom, here you have a wide array of better looking xperia keyboards http://thinkdroid.net/abohani/mcxk/
  12. Sorry, no. I'm not longer making any mods for the F1, because mine got crushed
  13. Yeah, well, I accidentally dropped a dumbbell over it so it looks like those "bend-gate" iphones. I don't konw if it's beyond repair, because the phone actually works fine except for the screen obviously. Thanks for the links. I was refering to the Bluetooth output through my car stereo. Default-volume is super low I'm checking out Gionee's Elife E8 stock rom, which is also x10, to see if I can make something like those Jpower sound patches for the Coolpad
  14. Hi, Which rom do you, guys, think has the best sound/volume combination? Currently, I don't own a good set of headphones, but BT output is terrible with my car. Even with the Dolby atmos volume leveler, sound is pretty low. I'm running latest BB72 mod
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