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  1. Rapier

    Diamond not connecting to pc

    You can also uncheck the "Enable advanced network functionality" under USB to PC in Settings - Connections. Sometimes, with this option checked, ActiveSync does not recognize the device (thing that is written also under the option)
  2. Same for me not with TomTom but with Garmin XT Mobile 40.20.50 (latest version). Unfortunately I wasn't paying much attention to the screen and I went 60 km in a wrong direction :D .So I think it is a phone issue not Garmin, TomTom, iGO, or other navigation software. After flashing with a newer firmware (1.93.xxx.3, I was using 1.37.401.3) the GPS signal is aquired much faster and the software does not get stuck...but this is only a 2 day test (since I've flashed it), so I cannot tell if it solves this issue for good
  3. Have you tried this? 1. From TF3D scroll to the "Settings" tab. 2. Select the third option in the list called "Wallpaper" 3. Answer Yes (or No, depending how you wish) on the question asking if you want the "default" wallpaper 4. If you've answered No to the previous question, a new window will open allowing you to select the picture you want. 5. Select a new picture stored on your Diamond to be your new wallpaper
  4. Let me understand. So, you have the big clock, just below it you have a line with "alarm", below it you have "Call History" and another one below the call history named "Calendar"? If that's so, when you have a new upcoming appointment, it should be shown on the "Calendar" line instead of word "calendar". Also, if you scroll your thumb up on the screen, the clock will be minimized and more space will be provided to the calendar, allowing you to have 2 entries shown there. It's not working like this for you?
  5. Rapier

    Error in Manila.exe

    If you don't put the exact error message, I don't know if someone can help. There could be a lot of error messages on Windows...same apply for computers as well
  6. Is there any way to put an animated background/wallpaper? I've tried to set an animated GIF, but only the first frame is showing. If someone knows how to do it, please share. I am talking only about a background for TF3D not switching to standard WM6.1 Active Today and put a wallpaper there. Below is a list with all backgrounds I've downloaded (mostly from XDA-Dev) Wallpapers.rar
  7. In fact, you can rotate also the TF3D with it if you take out the exclusion from GSen software config. But it's better not to
  8. I did it. I was using radio and moved to There are some improvements in the audio quality during the call, the signal is better and I have a good data (HSDPA, 3G, etc) connection. I cannot confirm anything for UK since I live in a different country. For the battery life...is difficult to say. I keep the phone most of the time either connected with the USB cable or the car charger so it is fully charged almost all the time. If WI-FI is used, it'll drain the battery fast, but if you disable 3G (when not needed), WI-FI, Beam support and set short display timeout (10 sec to dim, 40 sec for sleep), it will be much better. Also GPS is power hungry so I use it mostly when connected to car charger.
  9. James, on the link you put in the first post it says "discontinued" :D They are going to put a new version on the market and taken out this one? Why they didn't keep it until another cradle is available? I don't understand why it is "discontinued"
  10. Rapier

    htc diamond review

    Not to mention the useless of GPS in iPhone (at least for me). I don't know any GPS programs that works on iPhone except Google Maps that is useless...all that I use (Garmin, iGO8) are for Windows Mobile and Symbian devices, others (TomTom, Route66) have no maps for my country (and I don't know if they work on Apple either).
  11. FlangeArtist, I had it flashed yesterday (I mean the ROM in the subject of this topic not the TLR3). To me, it was a disappointment. I revert to 1.37.401.3 and flashed only the radio. The main reason was that I've had some issues with the display of TF3D in home screen and also I dislike the animation beeing taken out from it...I liked the way it moved and with all those performance tweaks it was quite usable even on 75% load. I'll wait some more to see other cooked ROMs based on this, maybe another HTC ROM version, and I'll decide if I go for it or not. Right now I'm satisfied with the current performance and look rupert_hollom, in order to flash TLR's ROM, you need first to HARD-SPL (flash the unsigned HARD-SPL or else it won't work without having the ROMs signed by OliPro). This HARD-SPL will allow you to flash ANY ROM that you can get your hands on. Still, when you return the device to the service (Orange), just by reflashing with original ROM is not enough. They can still see that you've messed with it. This is because when HARD-SPL the device, the SPL is changed and it will write something like "1.40 by OliPro". In order to fully revert to "factory" appearance, you need to go through a procedure described here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...mp;postcount=39 Read also the whole thread there, it contains very useful info. Hope it helped
  12. Rapier

    GPS not working

    Update: I've also tested Garmin XT Mobile and it's working OK even with it's internal GPS. Maps are downloaded to the Diamond from Mapsource as with any Garmin GPS device. Program is so far stable and even it does not have so many capabilities as the new iGO8, I found it easier to use, better voice guidance, better maps and routing. Still there is a matter of taste which one to use
  13. TRL3 is a cooked ROM and I wanted more a stock one. What else I saw it is improving, is the radio version. From to It's claimed to be better, have a better battery drain/usage and a better quality and 3G download speed and smaller lag. Anyway, I have a backup so I could give it a try 86% downloaded already :D
  14. Hi all, As found on xda-developers site, someone just shared one of the ROMs that appear to be the latest. As far as I know, till now the latest stock ROM was 1.37.401.3. This one seems to be newer and also some people there claims to be even faster with TF3D than 1.37... ROM. Anyone knowing more about it? I'm just downloading it now and I think I'll give it a try this evening. If TF3D runs faster it will be great. Each new ROM version improved that...an improvement in memory leaking will also be great. I'll post here anything I find out during testing For now, I've just made a backup of my Diamond. I intend to use the "upgrade" restore mode in Sprite Backup, I hope it will be OK for restoring the device to the same state, have the same applications installed, contact ringtones and photos assigned and so on. They claim this is the mode to be used when flashing a different ROM. Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=408281 P.S. Sorry if the subject is discussed elsewhere but I couldn't find it
  15. Rapier

    GPS not working

    I used Google Map (with GPS on) and iGO8 without any problems. Both have discovered and used the internal GPS. There are random issues with iGO8 that seems to loose connection with the GPS device every second or so, but after a restart is working fine. This could be also due to the fact that I've messed up with the program settings in order to make it work on Diamond (that has no memory card as iGO8 requested)

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