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  1. NothingSerious

    Building Vanir with Mourta

    Nonono don't you dare use a Virtual Machine for this kind of stuff, it will just take forever to build.
  2. NothingSerious

    Building Vanir with Mourta

    More like time consuming tbh.
  3. He's saying it in a negative way. 4.4 will be better for this device.
  4. See you in 3 years, then! When something goes into testing, it usually ends up getting released in the same month, unless IRL issues come up or if one of the testing vers cause third degree burns etc etc.
  5. Plugging the phone to a charger/USB while holding down the Volume Down button will cause this. It is usually used to reset your device to the stock firmware via KDZ files. Also known as Download Mode. In other words, ignore it and reboot.
  6. It's not as bad as this, don't worry peeps. i'mjustplayinghthoughdontkillme. To be honest... If you see delays, it's for a (very) good cause.
  7. Can I assume that you both did a clean kernel install and not a dirty flash? I'm currently at an uptime of 220 hours (ironically with Slim Launcher cause everything else just sucks) Though to be honest, the biggest issue here is the ROM itself.
  8. Try using another launcher other than Slim's default one.
  9. I do believe that there is a 3.10 kernel ready and a working version of Android M. Can't confirm these 100% as nothing has been sent into testing so I suggest that you wait for a better answer from Mourta instead. Edit: In other news, the latest testing ver has an uptime of 1100 hours right now. Edit2: After the M release which is gonna be soon™, Mourta will revert to KK as that's the best performing version for this device. I'll be probably handling the M stuff after the initial release.
  10. To me it looks like you don't even know how to take logs.
  11. Where does it freeze exactly? Provide some logs if possible.
  12. Actually, he meant something like this: testlogcatplsignore.txt
  13. Actually I wrote that because we were referring to just emulators(as stated by the MHL guy). While I don't deny anything of your statement, I have a question: What did you use to benchmark this?
  14. Some of the games and all emulators rely just on the CPU to be honest. The GPU might be getting bottlenecked at the same time with the CPU scalings. To give a (hopefully good) example though, think of the slow downs as something that Intel's Speedstep and AMD's Cool'n'Quiet do in PCs.

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