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  1. I'm trying the b199 right now and it stucks at 1/3 of the process
  2. Y300-0151 doesn't matter which version I'm only trying to unbrick my phone
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking for the vendor software package for my huawei, I've understood that is an Update.app of 4kb. I'll be glad If someone has it and could share with me.
  4. I have a huawei y300, I did a bad backup from the imei partition and my phone just didn't boot up. I only got a green screen with two squares, one red and one blue. I can boot into update mode when the screen becomes pink, I downloaded de dload folder with the update.app for my huawei but it stucks in 30% more or less and nothing else happens before. And the sd_update.log shows as is in the third image. I'll be glad If anyone could help me whit this problem. I cannot boot into recovery/bootloader/fastboot mode.
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