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  1. Hi there, After a pet-related accident my HUDL2 is behaving erratically and is on it's way out. I like the HUDL as a 'take-anywhere' inexpensive tablet that performs really, really well. What would you guys buy as an equivalent 'excellent-but-inexpensive' replacement that's a current-year release? [edit] My main 'like' of the HUDL 2 is it's solid construction. I'm happy letting a gang of small kids use it, but not so much my Tab S2. I use it for media consumption as opposed to 3D gaming, for which purpose it excels. I also like it's micro HDMI ouput, which frees the USB port for charging. I also like it's strong sound output. This betters any Samsung offering [/edit] TIA, Sullivan
  2. I've not had that issue. To me the sound is one of the HUDL's strong points...
  3. I've only just got my update this morning. It's certainly a staggered update release!
  4. Blimey. "I'm cooking tonight dear. Oven chips for dinner".
  5. You mean you don't want that blithering endless list of cards showing you what's open, what pages you've browsed or what you had open two days ago? It's about as useful as Google Now telling you what the weather is in your local cafe. ;)
  6. Sort of like Jekyll and Hyde. Maybe you'd better keep on the beer Norman, rather than off it ;)
  7. Thanks for that. I'm glad I hadn't imagined the whole episode !
  8. Somewhere I read (I believe from Tesco, but can't find it anywhere now) that there was to be a 'post Blinkbox Books' OTA update which would enable the app to be uninstalled.
  9. Not received it. Just me, or others? Last one I received was January one.
  10. Titanium is the bees knees, if wrapped in a somewhat clunky UI. It is root only though, so I haven't used it on HUDL2. I've used Titanium for a few years now. Before that I used Rerware's MyBackup Pro, which worked really well and is still does judging by it's rating on play.google.com - which AFAIK good for non-root.
  11. I don't use bluetooth, so can't comment in particular detail, except that it's not just a HUDL issue as the same happens with certain Android & iOS versions as well (hardware that is). Scan this for instance: (Android - Jan 2013- Jan 2014) https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=41631 The last comment suggests using the 5 GHz band on their router solves it. If you have a dual band router, that may be the way to go. (eg BT HomeHub 4 & 5)
  12. All sorted now. A long and painful process. Server overload maybe?
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