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  1. I have the contents of the fastboot zip but not the zip - i have unrooted versions of the images, too. Want the fastboot tools?
  2. If you want a Hudl BIOS image it's in the Hudl OTA files that were posted in the rooting thread - esp.img is a disk image which contains a UEFI image (BIOSUPDATE.fv). I don't know enough about UEFI to interpret it but I do have basic crypto knowledge and can see from the data that the NVRAM contains Tesco encryption keys, which would suggest to me that it's only going to boot Tesco signed code without a BIOS overwrite. I'm tempted to try running that OTA with a stock Bay Trail image instead of the UEFI image; but I've only got one Hudl 2 at the moment and don't want to brick it :)
  3. Looks like the hudl 2 is operating in UEFI secure boot mode. The patch posted just after the hudl came out contains a UEFI update. This update looks like it has secure boot vendor keys in it, so hudl 2 is locked to booting Tesco signed code. We need to either replace the tesco keys in the NVRAM or somehow disable UEFI Secure boot mode (not easy as there doesn't appear to be a way to get into the UEFI settings). This may well be achievable if someone has a UEFI flasher/editor for Android (I can't find one other than trying to patch our code into the Tesco update) or something that will let us edit the NVRAM and overwrite the keys in UEFI Secure mode (such a tool exists for linux, i think, but I can't see a build for Android anywhere).
  4. ESP.img is an EFI System Partition - I notice it contains BIOSUPDATE.fv A google for this finds the interesting Sharks Cove dev board with an Atom Z3735 (G) and volume up/down buttons and a power button. Guess what the boot to recovery combo is? https://uefidk.com/content/sharks-cove-uefi-firmware Opening up BIOSUPDATE.fv - it is a nice new UEFI for the BIOS; and matches the headers here http://blogs.phoenix.com/phoenix_technologies_bios/2007/02/uefi_pi_10_firm.html These work (unknown source and says unknown developer when I open on my mac but opens the BIOS file at least) http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/48979-UEFITool-UEFI-firmware-image-viewer-and-editor
  5. Wiping it and putting windows on should do the job :) Haven't tried but I would guess rooting it and blocking device.mobile.tesco.com in the android hosts file will stop it from update checking (it opens a TLS connection there to update). I'm a bit of an android modding beginner so that might not work.
  6. I've tried a few techniques and am hoping something similar to the Onda 975 Android->Windows conversion can be attempted once the root is out. Having used it as an android tab for a bit though, i'm well impressed with this hardware and 4.4, great tablet OS. My main concern is that it's never gonna see an OS patch like the Hudl 1.
  7. Ouch! Great work though, looking forward to a released version so I can try and dump the UEFI and try and mod it for Windows 8 :)
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