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  1. Now thats Jolly Exciting! Are you going to see them about anything you can talk about on here? Or are you going to talk root-tootie access?
  2. It would be really nice for Tesco to provide access to the Boot Loader, even if they posted a disclaimer. As long as it isn't as extreme as the Sony one: http://developer.sonymobile.com/unlockbootloader/unlock-yourboot-loader/ However, from the chatter about the Rom, apart from a few apps, it's pretty much Stock Android.
  3. Hmm, I got a 'favourite' from TescoLabs when I asked about root support for the Hudl 2. https://twitter.com/TescoLabs/favorites Is it worth you getting in touch Paul to ask if they would be willing to provide certain levels of access to the device and software?
  4. Good work Paul, is there anything we can do to assist?
  5. Thanks Paul - until a Custom Recovery is possible, I'll be doing little more than freezing apps to make the tab snappier.
  6. Oh really? How small a battery are we talking? What kind of battery time do you get out of the Hudl 2?
  7. Any chance you'll put the root image back up Paul - I missed out on the last twenty four hours of shenanigans and am certain it's my own responsibility if I brick my Hudl 2 by using your image.
  8. Now THATS an exciting statement!
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