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  1. Anyond have any info about the lollipop update? Some apps are no longer working on kitkat so was hoping to update them but there seem to be no updates anymore? Did we snag a copy of the lollipop update that we can side load?
  2. ok......flashed one of the firmware files manually and back online quick question.....can anyone see how to set the activity monitoring area? it seems to be mentioned online etc but i cannot see anywhere to define it? J
  3. got mine and plugged it in....bit of a faff with the software but got there with the chinese one prompted for firmware upgrade and now I am getting "this camera can only be used within china" message from camera and "camera turned off" message in the app :( Any thoughts guys? A
  4. looking forward to the coverage Paul.....
  5. Jinjur

    HUDL dead?

    well.....no dice :( went to mums last night and put the battery from hers into mine. HUDL initially looked like it was booting but just sat on the "HUDL" logo for about minutes.....then showed the dead battery icon. When i lifted it up, the cover over the cpu/mem etc was absolutely scorching....... Put the battery back into mums and it fired up without complaint at all ahhh well. that looks like thats that. take care guys J
  6. Jinjur

    HUDL dead?

    ok still dead despite numerous attempts at starting.....resetting....etc worth a punt to stick another battery in guys? actually.....brain fart.....my mum has a HUDL2.....might borrow her battery to see if that starts it up BON IDEE!
  7. Jinjur

    HUDL dead?

    back is indeed off bud and battery disconnected since around 9 this morning. re attached and tried again....no dice :(
  8. Jinjur

    HUDL dead?

    I have tried various combinations of button holding.......including the power button for more than 10 seconds (proper seconds too)........makes no difference. ? J
  9. Jinjur

    HUDL dead?

    Hi gang, Non-rooted HUDL 2 here. Lollipop. Daughter was playing Monument Valley on my HUDL 2 yesterday and turned the screen off while she was having tea. Returned to it about 15 minutes later and HUDL appeared to be dead, I assumed a flat battery. However, the light won't come on when I plug it into a power supply and it wont turn on regardless of what I do. I have tried multiple power supplies including the supplied one......no light, nothing. I even left it on the power overnight in case it was badly drained, nothing. Any thoughts? Is it possible for this to just randomly brick? J
  10. Hmmm, ok bud. Thanks for clarification. Just me then :/ Will try another factory reset and report back J
  11. Hi gang, Having some issues here on a non-rooted lollipop upgrade. Hudl has been upgraded for a week now and has all its apps up to date, the upgrade was done on a factory reset hudl BTW and it has been restarted since So firstly, I noticed the Dolby app was back after tesco removed it on the last update. Is everyone else seeing it? I only ask because, secondly, mine is not working. :( could someone try this out for me please? * Play along in Google play music * Go to "Settings | Equaliser" *The Dolby app should fire up * While the music is playing, you should see constant activity in the output graph * You should be able to hear changes to the sound when you make changes to the eq, for the better I know these sound like obviously silly steps, but I used this app all the time and feel like I am going crazy here. When it opens for me, I see the output for a second, then it stops. It also sounds like the hudl has been placed in a tin can when it's on, it used to make it sound amazing. Yes, I have literally tried every setting, including the ones that I know worked for me. Please help gang J
  12. Thats right.....only noticed last night that spotify went on as well. Just to clarify, these aren't google play pushes as i cannot uninstall them. They are definitely part of an update. A
  13. Deffo a 100Mb'ish download....... Not google play mate A
  14. Oh....so its not new then. At least i know :) Thanks J
  15. Jeepers......when did Tesco make the Kernel source available for the HUDL 2? That's a pretty big deal no? What does that allow us to do? https://www.tescotechsupport.com/downloads/ J
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