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  1. Paul, I'll be taking receipt of my new Hudl 2 tomorrow afternoon and i'd like to offer my help and services as a fellow mobile device developer and experienced Software/Hardware engineer. Feel free to drop me a private message and i'll give you my skype contact details and we can look into finding a solution to the permissions issue and see about finding a way to provide full recovery access in order to install aftermarket ROMs for the Hudl 2 - after all, once that's in place we may be able to get more developer interest in creating a ROM development community for the device that will benefit everyone. Let me know your thoughts and anything I can do. Thanks again for everything you've done so far, without people like yourself we wouldn't have the development community for mobile devices we have today. Kommander.
  2. Indeed, can confirm that my card is Fat32 formatted as ExFat simply isn't supported by most current mobile devices. I will do a full read/write speed test over the weekend once I've picked my new Hudl 2 up and will post the results for confirmation - however I've found from prior experience that there is surprisingly little drop in sustained data transfer speed using the larger capacity cards and definitely no data loss so no need to worry there guys! If anyone has trouble formatting their 64gb cards to work with the Hudl 2 - let me know, I have a link for a program specifically designed to do it (from a Microsoft Windows PC/Laptop) somewhere and can put it up for public consumption if required :)
  3. I (and I'm sure many others...) await your how-to with baited breath! Great work by the way! Your sacrifice to the bricked tablet community in the pursuit of root level access is much appreciated.
  4. I can confirm that the Hudl 2 works with my Kingston 64gb SDXC Class 10 Micro SD - I actually went into a Tesco store and managed to "adjust" the clamps enough to get the card in - check that it was read and recognised correctly and get it back out again before going ahead and deciding to make a purchase myself! It recognised it first time without any issues and they're selling on eBay (well, the SanDisk ones anyway) currently for £20.75 if anyone is interested. Hope that's helpful guys!
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