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  1. iain26

    New update Sept 15

    an earlier post shows the build number of the 5.1 update
  2. iain26

    New update Sept 15

    before you update can you copy the zip and upload it
  3. iain26

    New update Sept 15

    you will probably have to accept the update before it downloads the zip
  4. iain26

    New update Sept 15

    before you update can you copy the update.zip from the cache folder and upload it for us
  5. iain26

    Think i have killed it

    the update seems to have failed before its flashed anything, it should reboot normaly. just hold the power button in
  6. iain26

    Blinkbox Books -> Kobo Transition

    just before they stopped letting you buy books i just used my free £10 bought a book then cleared app data and signed up with a different email address, another £10 free. Did this about half a dozen times and now all the books from the different blinkbox accounts have been added to my one kobo account :D
  7. in superuser app go to settings full unroot and then you should be back to stock
  8. iain26

    This will definitely come in useful!

    cwm recovery, if you dont know what it is then you probably shouldnt try it
  9. iain26

    January OTA analysis and discussion

    got the update but still getting the charging problem
  10. iain26

    Best DPI setting?

    i find 260 to be a good size
  11. iain26

    reboot option in shutdown menu?

    its an extra module apm+
  12. iain26

    reboot option in shutdown menu?

    if your rooted install xposed framework and it can be added to the stock rom and works perfect
  13. iain26

    Reset back to default Tesco Screen

    you dont need to be rooted to change launchers
  14. iain26

    Quick Boot not working

    if you install xposed framework you can add a reboot option to the power menu which works fine
  15. iain26

    DPI Change

    first thing i changed after rooting,set mine to 260 and looks a lot better

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