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  1. I think I am still on the same build, but when I check for updates it says my hudle is up to date? has Tesco pulled the ota?
  2. update, I cleared cache again now I am in
  3. tried wiping cache its the same
  4. hi I flashed your image then done a factory reset went through the setup then Tesco checked for updates (u have no choice but to accept) it started installing a 9mb update then it went to android recovery screen with these messages : finding update package... opening update package... verifying update package... installing update... verifying current system... verifying boot image... verifying fastboot image... removing unneeded files... creating new os image... patching system files... patching os images... unpacking new files... unpacking new recovery... symlinks and permissions... set_perm: some changes failed E: error in cache/update.zip (status 7) E: install of /cache/update.zip failed with status 1 installation aborted E: installation failed with status 1 I still got access to recovery but if I reboot it gos through the set up again downloading update and failing then I end up on recovery again hope it helps
  5. hi paul thanks for the root, however Tesco has just pushed a 9mb update to my hudle which it fails to install, now its stuck in a loop so people hold off rooting for now!!!
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