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  1. I don't know if this is helpful, but there is a guide on how to port 100% cm12.1 http://crossdevs.blogspot.md/2015/10/cyanogenmod-121-based-rom-porting.html
  2. Hi. Want to know which rom have the best camera in terms of quality? I think that it might be, but who knows, maybe there is something else there?)
  3. I change often the rom of my phone and I know thats a problem, but I remember I had an lg where I also was changing the roms until it got official 4.4.2, from that moment I forgot whats that to change a rom(unti I lost it) so now I cant use a rom more than some days, I always find something that bothers me and make me want to change it...so thats why I hoped a lot for this release) but in the end, I bought this phone, I knew what I am buying so thats mostly my fault of feeling this)
  4. ofc I am not a dev and I have no idea how hard is to do it, but they had so much time to do it, soon android M will be out and we still don't have an official lollipop rom...can't understand that...feel a bit dissapointed as I haven't found yet a rom which will suit me and I hoped for lollipop to come out....
  5. We don't have a gyroscope sensor so I guess cardboard will not work
  6. Dreamkill3r

    CM 12

    you could flash it?
  7. The chinese apps are not a problem cause I can remove them easily, but apps like atx management or how is it called where there are some interesting functions is in chinese, or stock security app(cleaner/permission manager etc) also in chinese)
  8. I would like to use coolui 6 but the las releases are almost completely in chinese with a lot of chinese apps and nobody translates them, and I dont know how to translate)
  9. :( so, we will not have lollipop earlier I see I wanted it cause I'm kinda bored of all roms) is there any interesting rom made for personal use by someone which is not posted on internet?)
  10. So the os will be for our device? Bcs I didnt see that f1 plus, I saw only f1
  11. Dreamkill3r

    CM 12

    I extracted it without problems, I changed the recovery and still error.
  12. Dreamkill3r

    CM 12

    can't install, symlink: some symlinks failed E:Error executing updater binary in zip ..... Error flashing zip .....
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