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  1. I had this problem charged it twice and woudnt move past 1% returned mime and got money back but might have left my 32gb SD in it
  2. Never really checked my hudl for updates but got the message today. Thnx
  3. Mine is crap in standby my battery will go loads overnight with no use
  4. Gutted I have a otg cable from my nexus 5
  5. Hi, new to the forums signed up for the main reason we have a good hudl community unlike XDA. I'm loving the tablet for it's specs and price I've been using mine for all sorts of things but the main one I want to use it for is nvidia game stream. I've tried the limelight app although its decent I'm finding my WiFi to be not up to scratch with occasional WiFi slow messages and I was wondering if any of you have tried a USB Ethernet I want to buy one but don't fancy going back and forth with unsupported hardware as I know wired will eliminate my lag
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