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  1. Hi, When my Hudl2 died a couple of weeks ago (cracked screen), i replaced it with a NVidia Shield K1. Its pretty similar to the Hudl, and also priced around £150 However, I think i got very lucky to get one - they are very difficult to get - i got mine from Digitech in Switzerland, but it seems they have sold out now.. If you can find one, id reccomend it as a Hudl successor, especially if you like games... hth g
  2. I read that they are abandoning their digital products, so the reason for the Hudl (a vehicle like the Amazon fire to encourage people to use their services) became irrelevant, so they ditched it. Im still absolutely amazed (and very pleased) that they gave up Lolipop as a goodbye present :) :) :) g
  3. http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2015/10/grab-a-hudl-2-now-before-they-sell-out-and-never-return/ So it seems Tesco have canned the Hudl project... what a shame :( i love mine and was sorta planning on getting a couple more for my kids at some point... I guess it wont be that long before someone else manages a similar tablet with 1080p,a SD card slot and a fairly decent processor for the magic £99 price point g
  4. But we dont need Lollipop to boot... all we need is a recovery shell that we can mount the lolipop system image and inject a suid binary dont we? do id imagine (just guessing here) we would 1. Flash old bootloader 2. Use tethered thing to eff around with the system partition 3. Flash new bootloader 4. Profit! wouldnt we? thats assuming we know how to flash the bootloader on an unrooted device separately from the actual OS...
  5. Mine seems to be encrypted, and i cant quickly find a way to have it not encrypted... however i still have swipe to unlock and no unlock code needed, so barring the slowdown on I/O its not a problem (but not really an advantage either since i dont have / want a lock code on it)
  6. I had a horrible upgrade experience... it did the update (which took forever as others have said), then it rebooted and started complaining about storage being full, and was really, really slow, with apps crashing all over the place. I tried to clear some stuff off, but wasnt getting anywhere, so I did a hard reset (and formatted SD), then setup again Then it failed to link to my Google account properly (couldnt access store, said I had to re-login). I went into accounts, and re-entered my google password, then all of a sudden, it started going really well. I like the upgrade - best thing is that its got the same UI as my phone now (Lolipop) including the brightness slider on the pull down status bar. It also seems pretty fast, but that might just be the clean start... Anyway, massive thanks to Tesco for pushing this out - i was defo defo not expecting any kind of major upgrade for what is after all a (kick ass) budget tablet... cheers g
  7. I think this might have gone to wider release... mine has just come through (although the battery needs to get charged back up to 50% to install it !!) Im guessing i cant really do anything to help the community, given that others have now captured the update... cheers g
  8. Cool :) anyone know how to apply it please? im guessing copy to internal / external SD and reboot into recovery... anyone know? thanks g
  9. Not yet.. 76000 serials tried. Why would they roll out lollipop if they were end of lifing it?
  10. We might be better off guessing the replacements in the url https://az655247.vo.msecnd.net/ota-octagon/v1.4.0rc2/hudl2_ota_20140924.194555_v1.1.1rc1-20150529.110309_v1.4.0rc2.zip","name":"20150529.110309","file_md5":"AAA81DD3C361A5DBEAA167A06ADE4920","datetime_released":"20150622.150000","version":"20150529.110309","file_size":"441298944","description":"Latest If we could get someone who has the update to tell us the build no. (20150?? Etic) there is not a lot left to trial end error... Assuming th3y are using th3 same cdn All we need is someone with lollipop to do about tablet in options and post the build number value.. Its possible a screenshot on the forum already has that... Anyone want to check? G
  11. I'm going on the basis the first is the only one being released on a limited basis... Anyway 4000 device IDs tried and nada. Anyone else with visual study fancy a go? Happy to give out source for little app... Needs curl. Exe in run path It might not be done on device id too.. Might just be first come first served basis... Also a 32 d8git hex number is huge so im not even gonna be able to hit 1 percent of entropy in that number.. Still fun trying tho
  12. right.. ive written a little c# app to try a million random device IDs, and to halt if the response <> 29 bytes (thenull response).. lets see if tesco ban me for DOS attack, or i get lucky, or neither... i will update here with outcome... Although im not sure hwat to do with the update.zip if i do manage to find it :) maybe Paul would know..
  13. I feel im getting closer... ive managed to get a successful update response for a old release... i was missing the extra http request headers before...by issueing curl --header "X-FirstJourney: false" --header "x-device-class: Hudl 2" --header "x-device-id: 6F4457DC3F96F0DC4FDEBB980B8BF9A9" --header "x-firmware-version: rel.android-build.20140924.194555" --header "x-api-version: 1.7" -k -i https://device.mobile.tesco.com/ota/rel.android-build.20140924.194555 im getting HTTP/1.1 200 OK Cache-Control: no-cache Content-Length: 628 Content-Type: application/json Server: x-api-version: 1.7 x-api-build: Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2015 15:54:53 GMT {"status":"OK","update":{"url":"https://az655247.vo.msecnd.net/ota-octagon/v1.4.0rc2/hudl2_ota_20140924.194555_v1.1.1rc1-20150529.110309_v1.4.0rc2.zip","name":"20150529.110309","file_md5":"AAA81DD3C361A5DBEAA167A06ADE4920","datetime_released":"20150622.150000","version":"20150529.110309","file_size":"441298944","description":"Latest security patches from Google to keep your hudl protected from known threats. Plus, lots of little bug fixes including a clock update to make sure your device always shows the correct time.","mandatory":"true","terms":"https://devices.tesco.com/legal/hudl/termsv2.html","html_description":""}}The URL (WHICH IS AN OLD RELEASE) successfully starts to download a 400mb odd file... Now for a poke around faking serial no's, and/or trying to guess the URL for the new Lolipop rrelease :)
  14. Actually, looking at this, i would guess that the 2 calls to smetrics.tesco.com are just tracking, and that the call to https://device.mobile.tesco.com/ota/rel.android-build.20150529.110309 is the actual one that checks for an update. This doesnt seem to have any kind of serial no. etc in it, so im guessing that Tesco are doing the staged release either on a first-come-first-served basis (most likely IMO), or based on IP address. Ive tried the call from several IP addresses I have access to, and they are all coming back with {"status":"OK","update":null} If anyone here wants to try that URL in a browser (using a different net connection to the one thats failing to update obviously) we can test to see if they are doing it based on IP address, but i suspect we will all get the update:null back :( Oh well! at least ive learnt its possible to intercept and log stuff my tablet is doing :) George
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