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  1. Hi state-it Cold you tell me more about the "FX File explorer non-root SD card Fix". How is it enabled and does it provide full SD card write access? I've never used FX explorer. Thanks!
  2. Can anyone with a HUDL 2 check if it comes with it's own file manager app??
  3. Hi! Looking to get an 8-inch tablet. My primary usage would be to download movies on the go and move them to the SD card. I realise with KitKat, Google have restricted write access to SD cards (each app can only write to their own folder). Some manufacturers get around this by providing their own file managers that have system-level permissions to write to external storage. Just wondering if the Hudl 2 comes with it's own file manager app to move files from internal storage to the SD card? I don't need to move apps, just individual files. I'd rather not try to root it! Thanks!
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