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  1. Desolutional - good point I'll have a crack and see if I can get any responses from it.
  2. Hey Ricky, good suggestion, but nope - looks like touchscreen is completely unresponsive, and pressing vol and power buttons does nothing, holiding down power button eventualy powers it off, but other than that it's pretty much paperweight :)
  3. Wondering if anyone else has had the same problem with their Hudle2, Google has no results for this message and the Hudle2. It appearst to have lost it's boot drive. It was working fine, and I left it alone for about an hour or two then when I went back to it I noticed the screen was on but blank and it was extremely hot. It was unresponsive and after rebooting it, I'm presented with this screen. I'm going to return it when I'm back from my holiday but it's a pain that it died on me just at the start. NB I haven't rooted or messed with the device in any way so this seems hardware related.
  4. Thanks guys, encouraged by this I went and got one. Wanted the blue one but that was sold out, seems they're popular already! Must say I'm very impressed with it, they call it a budget tablet which implies some compromises on performance, but I've yet to get frustrated or feel like I should have gotten a tablet with more grunt. Bottom line for me is the lovely bigger screen to read books, watch movies and browse the net and this does all that without any problems. Oh and yeah as CdRsKuLL mentioned, the SDcard slot is a major bonus!
  5. Nice find, Paul! Yeah good point. Interstingly, looking at those results, the Hudl2 seems to hold up well against the N7 at most of the tests. I'm not too bothered about batterylife as I'm rarely going to need it for more than a few hours during comutes etc. Thanks!
  6. I'm trying to find some benchmarks and head-to-head comparisons between the two devices but it seems to be too new for that. Does anyone have both a Nexus 7 2013 and Hudl2 and how do they compare, would you recommend a Hudl2 over a Nexus 7? Thanks!
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