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  1. Ouzy

    Lollipop update and Dolby

    Hi. I tried it and works fine here. Hudl2 with 5.1 factory reset.
  2. Ouzy

    New update Sept 15

    Hi djnw, that is strange. The camera just will not work on mine at all it just crashes. The Hudl 2 is strange, sometimes I think no Hudl is the same...
  3. Ouzy

    New update Sept 15

    Hi I have the new lollipop update, I downloaded this app but pressing the camera sphere capture causes the app to crash so it looks like it not entirely compatible.
  4. Ouzy

    New update Sept 15

    Had those who are getting the install books.apk error previously rooted or was it possible to delete those apps without root? If so that's a concern..
  5. Ouzy

    New update Sept 15

    Has anyone installed it yet? Any issues? Hows the speed compared to 4.4.2?
  6. Ouzy

    Latest Sky Go App on Hudl 2

    The current version of the sky go app I'm using is 2.2.3 and it works just fine. Are you using the sky go tablet version?? I haven't had an update for a while. After reading up on the version I have it appears they no longer have a separate tablet app so only the Sky Go app is offered on the playstore. I've extracted the apk and saved a copy of it. I'm not sure what the newer version of the Sky Go app offers that's different but like I said the tablet version works fine and offers up no update snag screen.
  7. Hi I have received a message on my Hudl2 facebook page from someone who has had a new Hudl 2 update today. It says it fixes the clock and other security issues. Has anyone else had it yet. Nothing on mine yet. The new kernel version screenshot is attached.
  8. Ouzy

    hudl2 wifi

    Turn the router on and off, this happens to me regularly for no known reason. Good luck
  9. Ouzy

    Last nights update

    Amateur error...I forgot to actually move apps to the SD card it hasn't fixed it..sorry. (It has fixed the disappearing icons bug, but only after doing a software rebuild on the device. I think it was all to do with the Tesco launcher which has now been updated.)
  10. Ouzy

    hudl2 does not charge

    If Tesco are unable to resolve this charging issue. Does anyone here think this makes it a bit of a show stopper? I can't see they could continue selling it.
  11. Ouzy

    Dolby Equalizer removed in Hudl2 update?

    Thanks MrMatthews98 thats great might be worth Paul making that file a stick?..
  12. Ouzy

    January OTA analysis and discussion

    I haven't had a repeat of the no charging issue yet. However, I am having issues with Icons not staying on the homepage or other pages I have placed them on. I actually think this may be linked to the Tesco apps because all the icons I put on the home page prior to inputting my clubcard number stay when I restart and any after disappear.
  13. Ouzy

    Got my Hudl 2 Update

    What great news it is being able to move apps to the SD card. Well done the Hudl team ☺
  14. Ouzy

    On Demand apps using Hudl2 internal storage

    If you haven't downloaded any content, what happens if u go to settings/apps/4od and choose clear cache. Obviously not worth doing if you have downloaded anything to watch later.
  15. Ouzy

    hudl2 does not charge

    Been there done that, it lasted 3 days and then the won't charge issue was back. Tesco need to get the 'promised' update sorted as soon as possible.

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