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  1. IIRC to get to the recovery console you need to hold down power + volume up (or it maybe volume down) when turning on the tablet. From the recovery console its the zip that you select. I am assuming that you have installed CWM recovery via a PC using ADB
  2. The install works on the zipped file. You ARE doing this from the recovery tool are you? That's cwm "Clockwork mid Recovery". If not you need to go back and reread the instructions carefully. Note that I speak as someone who has not rooted my hudl2, other tablets yes, but not the hudl. And its a couple of years since I read the instructions. It struck me as too risky for the payoff (I was not that bothered about rooting my hudl).
  3. I've been wondering the same since I read about it. Still nobody here to answer though :'( Maybe everyone else's hudls have died!
  4. Can't help with the HDMI problem but if you can't fix it I'd suggest getting a Chromecast, we have 3 of them we use for Netflix, Plex and iPlayer and its so much easier than messing around with cables and at £30 its not too wildly expensive.
  5. Aside from my h2 we have a couple of Amazon kindle fire's (bought at Xmas when they were 30 odd pounds, but still only 50 now). Both rooted with CM12 on instead of fire os easy to do with early versions of fire os, bit more effort with recent versions. Plenty of help on xda forum. Much better than I expected for the price good for kids. Not gorilla glass so a bit scratchable and obviously not up to more demanding games but a much better device than the price suggests.
  6. Not sure I can offer much help and this forum seems nearly dead but I have a couple of thoughts. Charge led is not part if screen AFAIK so it still should light if it were a screen fault. Maybe a battery problem? I believe you can change the battery but doubt its easy. EBay would be a start point for that. Is their a local phone/tablet shop (the independent type that do unlocks/repairs) they might be able to at least give some insights? I assume you've already tried the usual hard reset options holding the power button for 15 secs and the recovery option (http://ttselectrical.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3851) Afraid that's about all I can offer :-(
  7. I know nothing much about hardware but you could try connecting to a PC, if the hudl is recognised it would suggest a screen fault. Or possibly a bad connection to the battery?.
  8. If you connect during initial setup I think it updates automatically so best bet is not to connect to WiFi until after initial setup - I think that's possible but you will have to do WiFi/Google account setup manually afterwards. Thereafter the update should be optional. Two years since I set up a hudl though so don't take this as gospel!!!
  9. Google? I see a few, usually second hand screens there. If course you have to fit it yourself which I doubt is easy.
  10. I've always used ES with no problems. My otg cable is cheap one from Amazon by "Tech Gear". Still on kit kat and no problems with flash drives or USB hdd's (as long as they are self powered and FAT rather than NTFS). Make sure your USB port is set to MTP (settings,storage,menu). Never heard that hudl2 had any problems with USB prior to Lollipop update. Oh, seems obvious but if you use a case make sure your lead has a long enough plug to go all the way in.
  11. I've been impressed by the way that over on xda the got into the Amazon Fire 2015 which has a locked boot loader. Not only rooted but now various custom ROMs available. Even the latest update of fireOS which is even more heavily locked down has now been opened. Of course I know nowt about it,but are there any clues to be gained from their methods?
  12. On second thoughts I agree, that's what I'm doing because a) I don't want to loose OTG and b) having L on a couple of other devices I actually prefer KitKat (though i have CM12 on my kindle fire and thats pretty cool).
  13. Don't have any real answer to offer accept to say that I've had updates disapear in the past and come back a day or so later, so I'd at least wait that long before doing anything. After that, absent any better answer, put your apps back and if or when you do get the update settle for doing a factory reset after installing it. I sopposw you could ease installation by uninstalling all your apps first!
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