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  1. It did, thanks. The original H2 cable works a charm. In reference to my previous post, I still need longer than the supplied cable. Would a 1.8m cable do the job or is it best to stick with the 1m one that comes in the box? -Matt
  2. Okey dokey. I did change the cable last night for a shorter one, though I couldn't find the original (I have got it - somewhere) and that was the cable I charged with. The cable I used was 1m, and those problems still persisted. I don't actually need such a long cable any more; that 3m one was purchased for a very specific use case before I moved house. I still need longer that the original cable, would 1.8m be appropriate? I'll test charging with the original cable and see if it makes any difference. Thanks, Matt. Edit: Upon further inspection, the 3m USB is probably the issue. the connector goes in to the Hudl WAY too easily, leading me to believe the connector is broken. it also has a horrifying bend directly below the connector, that I'd never really notice. From purely feeling it it seems broken internally. This appears to be a case of "panic not" -Matt
  3. Hi, Over the past few weeks (precise, I know) I've been having issues with the battery. When plugged in, the device charges. However, EXTREMELY slowly. When plugged in and using, the battery level actually goes down. The device was charged overnight (roughly 10pm to 9am) and the battery was at 6% when plugged in. After being taken off the charger it was at 83%. Now, at ten to one the battery level is 32%. Any ideas? This appears to be a somewhat known issue. For reference, I'm getting the "insufficient power to charge device" message, and using the original H2 power brick and an aftermarket 3 metre micro USB cable. I still have all documentation/box, should I just return under warranty? Cheers, Matt.
  4. I did it! Thanks for all help.
  5. Must be. I should probably try harder then.
  6. What combination do you press them in, power or volume first? How long do I hold it for?
  7. It just either goes to switch off the tab or change the volume
  8. How on earth do I take a screenshot? No help on the Tesco website and I am extremely confused. Is there any way to do it without a third party app? Thanks for your help.
  9. Alright thanks, is your H2 rooted?
  10. You'd need a USB OTG Cable, and obviously a USB-Ethernet adapter. Whether it works or not I don't know unfortunately; and if it did work you'd need to be rooted.
  11. Well, I didn't neccesarily mean what I said by delete; my particular root toolkit of choice includes the option to freeze applications so that's what I'd do.
  12. I dislike custom launchers, they add more bloat to a device in my experience. Rooting gives you more opportunities anyway, so getting rid of the mT launcher is something I might as well do.
  13. Hi all, I'm going to buy a Hudl 2 next month when my birthday comes around, and I've a few functionality questions. - Does the Hudl 2 support USB OTG? If so; does it need to be rooted? - Has anyone tried a USB 3g Modem with the H2? (this obviously requires an otg cable) - What's the ACTUAL battery capacity in mAh? I've seen "estimated battery life" but no solid numbers. - Is the rooting process going to be made easier? I like the stock android experience, and this is just about 99% stock, only with the Tesco Launcher - When rooted, is the myTesco launcher difficult to remove, or is it a case of find the .apk in a root manager and delete? Any answers would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, gith.
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